Netanyahu Tries to Hide the Occupation

As protests raged again across the Middle East, Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s prime minister, offered his assessment of the Arab Spring last week. It was, he said, an "Islamic, anti-western, anti-liberal, anti-Israeli, undemocratic wave," adding that Israel’s Arab neighbors were "moving not forwards, but backwards." It takes some chutzpah – or, at least, epic self-delusion – … Continue reading “Netanyahu Tries to Hide the Occupation”

Goldstone’s Rethink

Israeli leaders have barely hidden their jubilation at an opinion article in last Friday’s Washington Post by the South African jurist Richard Goldstone reconsidering the findings of his United Nations-appointed inquiry into Israel’s attack on Gaza in winter 2008. For the past 18 months the Goldstone Report had forced Israel on to the defensive by … Continue reading “Goldstone’s Rethink”

Zionist Left Writes Its Own Obituary

Ehud Barak, Israel’s defense minister, appears to have driven the final nail in the coffin of the Zionist Left with his decision to split from the Labor Party and create a new “centrist, Zionist” faction in the Israeli parliament. So far four MPs, out of a total of 12, have announced they are following him. … Continue reading “Zionist Left Writes Its Own Obituary”

Israeli Police Look to Settlers to Fill Ranks

Israeli police look to settlers to fill ranks First army, now police set for takeover By Jonathan Cook in Nazareth As U.S.-sponsored peace talks have stalled over the issue of settlements, Israel’s national police force has revealed that it is turning to the very same illegal communities in its first-ever drive to recruit officers from … Continue reading “Israeli Police Look to Settlers to Fill Ranks”

An Oath for the Few Excludes the Many in an Ethnocracy

In all likelihood, I will be one of the very first non-Jews expected to swear loyalty to Israel as an ideology rather than as a state.  Until now, naturalizing residents, like the country’s soldiers, pledged an oath to Israel and its laws. That is the situation in most countries. But soon, if the Israeli parliament … Continue reading “An Oath for the Few Excludes the Many in an Ethnocracy”

Obama Letter Suggests US Not Honest Broker

The disclosure of the details of a letter reportedly sent by President Barack Obama last week to Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, will cause Palestinians to be even more skeptical about U.S. and Israeli roles in the current peace talks. According to the leak, Obama made a series of extraordinarily generous offers to Israel, … Continue reading “Obama Letter Suggests US Not Honest Broker”

Israel’s Arab Citizens Are Not a Negotiating Chip

Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s prime minister, has insisted from the launch of the current peace talks that the Palestinians set no preconditions, while making his own precondition the centerpiece of negotiations. Netanyahu has said talks are futile unless the Palestinians and their leader, Mahmoud Abbas, first recognize Israel as a Jewish state. “I recognized the Palestinians’ … Continue reading “Israel’s Arab Citizens Are Not a Negotiating Chip”

Israel’s Reasoning Against Peace

With the resumption of settlement construction in the West Bank Monday, Israel’s powerful settler movement hopes that it has scuttled peace talks with the Palestinians. It would be misleading, however, to assume that the only major obstacle to the success of the negotiations is the right-wing political ideology the settler movement represents. Equally important are … Continue reading “Israel’s Reasoning Against Peace”

Israel Makes Meeting Another Arab a Crime 

A vague security offense of "contact with a foreign agent" is being used by Israel’s secret police, the Shin Bet, to lock up Arab political activists in Israel without evidence that a crime has been committed, human rights lawyers alleged this week.  The lawyers said the Shin Bet was exploiting the law to characterize innocent … Continue reading “Israel Makes Meeting Another Arab a Crime “