The Final Secret of 9/11

How did 19 hijackers manage to decimate the Pentagon, destroy the World Trade Center, and plunge us into a war without end? That is the question we still don’t have an answer to, two years after the worst terrorist attack in American history, and, if the Bush administration has anything to say about it – … Continue reading “The Final Secret of 9/11”

After ‘Liberation,’ Democracy

As any survivor of Imperial "liberation" can attest, it is usually followed by the mass conversion to the conquerors’ religion, Democracy. As with most religions, it means different things to different people. Its definition is kept deliberately vague to preclude criticism, and even when offered, frequently changes for the same reason. Because of its asserted … Continue reading “After ‘Liberation,’ Democracy”

How Osama Got His Way

And to think some of you had less than a high opinion of Mr Rumsfeld. No doubt contrition consumes you, as the United States announces that it\’s, more or less, going to withdraw from the Saudi bases it formally established after the previous Iraq war, and, of course, she\’s not looking to set up new … Continue reading “How Osama Got His Way”

Weapons of Mass Delusion

President Bush told the world that Saddam’s alleged WMDs directly threatened the U.S. Now that the war is over and no arsenal was found, where does that leave America? Months before the horror of 9-11, Secretary of State Colin Powell defended a recent air strike against Iraq during a press conference in Cairo, Egypt. On … Continue reading “Weapons of Mass Delusion”

Keep the United Nations out of Iraq – and America

As the heaviest fighting in Iraq comes to a close, questions about what kind of government will be established dominate the news. Looting and lawlessness are the order of the day in the inevitable vacuum created by the removal of Saddam Hussein. Not surprisingly, the United Nations – at the urging of France, Germany, and … Continue reading “Keep the United Nations out of Iraq – and America”

Is Somalia a Model?

The conventional wisdom during periods of transition – or revolution if the term is appropriate, as may well be – is that the most important priority is to establish order. Disorder, on this understanding, is pretty close to the natural condition of man, especially in times of stress and uncertainty. So U.S. military people – … Continue reading “Is Somalia a Model?”

Santorum’s Sins

We’re all supposed to be oh-so-exercised over Senator Rick Santorum’s apparent distaste for homosexuality, but pardon me if I yawn. Who really cares – surely not a single self-respecting homo of my acquaintance – especially when, on another front, Santorum is spearheading the most direct assault on free thought since … oh, I don’t know. … Continue reading “Santorum’s Sins”

Oh, Shi’ite!

Ah, the fruits of victory. Uncle Sam promised the Iraqis democracy, and now they actually want it – long enough to elect an ayatollah, anyway. The Iranians, far from being discouraged, now cast an acquisitive eye on their western suburbs. The liberated Kurds are busy emulating Saddam. Instead of becoming Amway salesmen, the Taliban have … Continue reading “Oh, Shi’ite!”