From Kosovo to Baghdad

As the frustrated Empire attempts ever harder to justify the unjustifiable and launch an invasion of Iraq with some sort of placating pretext, it was inevitable that the precedent of Balkans interventions would come up again. Richard Holbrooke, former foreign policy hitman for the Clinton regime, complained in the Washington Post on February 23 that … Continue reading “From Kosovo to Baghdad”

Conservatives Against a War with Iraq

Most people do not realize how many conservatives are against going to war in Iraq. A strong majority of nationally-syndicated conservative columnists have come out against this war. Just three of many examples I could give include the following: Charley Reese, a staunch conservative, who was selected a couple of years ago as the favorite … Continue reading “Conservatives Against a War with Iraq”

The Myth of War Prosperity

There is a longstanding myth that war benefits the economy. The argument goes that when a country is at war, jobs are created and the economy grows. This is a myth. Many argue that World War II ended the Great Depression, which is another myth. Unemployment went down because many men were drafted, but national … Continue reading “The Myth of War Prosperity”

What’s the Real Key to Our Freedom?

I‘ve been doing a bit of radio lately, sometimes brought on as one of those curious folks who question this war and should be examined like a pinned butterfly, sometimes by hosts who seem grateful to have an antiwar spokesman who doesn’t think it all goes back to Mumia. (Your local station can reach someone … Continue reading “What’s the Real Key to Our Freedom?”

Libertarianism in the Age of Empire

[The following is the text of a speech delivered to the Libertarian Party of Illinois state convention, March 1, 2003.] I want to start off by thanking the Libertarian Party of Illinois for the invitation to speak here today. It has been almost twenty years since I last showed up at a Libertarian Party function … Continue reading “Libertarianism in the Age of Empire”

Between Heaven and Hell

On Feb. 24th, 20 of us set up a 4-day tent encampment in the Demilitarized Zone between Iraq and Kuwait. "Between heaven and hell, that’s how I felt, the whole day" said our Franciscan priest, Jerry Zawada. When we arrrived, the sky was darkening, thunder rumbled across the desert. Yet the border area, desolate and … Continue reading “Between Heaven and Hell”

The Safest Place in the World

Expats strike rueful poses over their brews and noodles here in Chengdu. Its easy to shake one’s head at the Bush Crew’s follies and swap estimates of the Arabic/Islamic (World?) backlash whilst basking in the Sichuan spring sun, miles and miles away from Iraq. Yesterday at a meeting the Ministry of Propaganda held to discuss … Continue reading “The Safest Place in the World”

Notes from the Margin

Is it just a coincidence that the President’s speech to the American Enterprise Institute, in which he outlined an ambitious strategy of "democratization" in the Middle East, was delivered on the anniversary of the day Napoleon escaped from Elba? On Feb 26, 1815, Bonaparte slipped past his guards on the rocky little isle and returned, … Continue reading “Notes from the Margin”

Another United Nations War?

President Bush Sr. proudly spoke of "The New World Order," a term used by those who promote one – world government under the United Nations. In going to war in 1991, he sought and received UN authority to push Iraqi forces out of Kuwait. He forcefully stated that this UN authority was adequate, and that … Continue reading “Another United Nations War?”