Creating a New Axis

A good deal of President Bush’s trip to Russia and Europe amounted to the kind of image-polishing and schmoozing most U.S. presidents do at various times. U.S. presidents usually spend about two years trying to work on their purported domestic agenda before figuring out that they look a lot more “presidential” when traveling overseas than … Continue reading “Creating a New Axis”

Conspiracy Corner

There’s one very good reason why conspiracies are so genuinely rare in international relations, and that’s because, although you can hide what you’re doing, you can’t very often hide why you might do it. In other words, ‘secret diplomacy’ and everything more Bondian beneath that is all well and good, but the interests of a … Continue reading “Conspiracy Corner”

Don’t Force Taxpayers to Fund Nation-Building in Afghanistan

I rise in opposition to this bill. The President has not asked for this piece of legislation; he does not support it. We do not anticipate that it will be passed in the other body. But there is one good part of the bill, and that is the title, "Freedom Support.” We all support freedom. … Continue reading “Don’t Force Taxpayers to Fund Nation-Building in Afghanistan”

The Palestinian Pimpernel

Yasser Arafat just can’t get no respect. And it isn’t only the Israelis and their international amen corner who hate him. Check out this leftist diatribe in the [UK] Guardian aimed at the President of the Palestinian Authority: "T. E. Lawrence wrote of the Arab revolt of 1918 against Ottoman rule: ‘I had preached to … Continue reading “The Palestinian Pimpernel”

Palestinian Enslavement Entering a New Phase

The Israeli far-right – always the best indicator of Israel’s true intentions – is quite outspoken: its aim is to make Palestinian life unbearable to a point that they would rather get up and go. Asked about his conception of “voluntary transfer” of Palestinians, Minister of Tourism (Rabbi) Benny Eylon compared the “voluntary” element to … Continue reading “Palestinian Enslavement Entering a New Phase”

Charlatans In Charge

The unprecedented farce that unfolded at the Hague Inquisition’s "courtroom" last week transcended shocking, pushed the limits of even this kangaroo court’s credibility, and perfectly exemplified the past decade in the former Yugoslavia. What it has shown, and what most people don’t seem to understand, is that Imperial military, political, and economic interventions were just … Continue reading “Charlatans In Charge”

Investigate 9/11

We are now hearing calls for a national "blue ribbon" commission to investigate what really happened on 9/11, and answer the question "what went wrong?" Don’t fall for it. An investigation is the prerogative and responsibility of our elected representatives, and Congress must not shirk its duty. No body, other than Congress, has the legal … Continue reading “Investigate 9/11”

Say No to Conscription

I hope my colleagues who believe that the current war on terrorism justifies violating the liberty of millions of young men by reinstating a military draft will consider the eloquent argument against conscription in the attached speech by Daniel Webster. Then-representative Webster delivered his remarks on the floor of the House in opposition to a … Continue reading “Say No to Conscription”