Russia and China – Two Against One

Reprinted from Consortium News: Chinese President Xi Jinping’s extremely warm reception of President Vladimir Putin yesterday in Beijing sealed the increasingly formidable Russia-China strategic relationship. It amounts to a tectonic shift in the world balance of power. The Russia-China entente also sounds the death knell for attempts by U.S. foreign policy neophytes to drive a … Continue reading “Russia and China – Two Against One”

Throwing Good Money After Bad in Ukraine?

Reprinted from Consortium News. As U.S. House members grapple with whether to give $60 billion more to Ukraine, they must also grapple with the checkered nature of the intelligence they’ve been fed. On July 13, 2023, President Joe Biden announced Russian President Vladimir Putin “has already lost the war.” That was six days after C.I.A. … Continue reading “Throwing Good Money After Bad in Ukraine?”

Dan Ellsberg’s Parting Plea: Don’t Wait

Sam Adams Associates for Integrity honored the late Dan Ellsberg with our annual award for fearless integrity on April 11, 2023. It was clear that Dan summoned much of his remaining strength to leave an unambiguous message to people of conscience as to why they should blow the whistle on government lies, as he did, … Continue reading “Dan Ellsberg’s Parting Plea: Don’t Wait”

Daniel Ellsberg’s First Leak Helped Prevent War With China

Those unaware of Dan Ellsberg’s 2002 Secrets: A Memoir of Vietnam and the Pentagon Papers may think the leak of the Pentagon Papers was Dan’s first unauthorized disclosure. Not so. Arguably, his first such leak, in March 1968, was even more consequential. After the Viet Cong shocked most observers by mounting a countrywide offensive in … Continue reading “Daniel Ellsberg’s First Leak Helped Prevent War With China”

The Banality of Biden’s ‘Exceptional’ Elite Advisers

Danger: President Joe Biden’s sophomores running U.S. foreign policy today live in a dream world on the verge of becoming a nightmare. The nightmare – military confrontation with both Russia and China – now looms. It is scary enough that Biden seems to be out of it. Scarier still is the reality that his advisers … Continue reading “The Banality of Biden’s ‘Exceptional’ Elite Advisers”

Epitaph for a ‘Cake Walk’: An Iraq Case Study

NOTE: The following is “back-story” to yesterday’s post, which I was tempted to title “All You Ever Wanted to Know About the Attack on Iraq and Now Want to Forget.” I do encourage you to give that posting a look before reading what follows. The attack was launched 20 years ago today. In late February … Continue reading “Epitaph for a ‘Cake Walk’: An Iraq Case Study”

Iraq 20 Years: The Uses and Abuses of National Intelligence Estimates

A New York Times Magazine article in July 2020 focused on then Secretary of State Powell and his U.N. speech of Feb. 5, 2003 and the National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) upon which it is largely based. A lot of the detail in the article may have been new to many readers, but not to Veteran … Continue reading “Iraq 20 Years: The Uses and Abuses of National Intelligence Estimates”

Washington Post Lets Hersh’s Dangerous Cat Out of the Bag

Bombshell No. 1: Seymour Hersh’s Feb. 8 report that President Joe Biden authorized the sabotage of the Nord Stream pipelines built to carry cheap Russian gas to Europe. Bombshell No. 2: The Washington Post today ended the Establishment media embargo on Hersh’s damning report, mentioning its findings and even including a link to his article. … Continue readingWashington Post Lets Hersh’s Dangerous Cat Out of the Bag”

Biden Reneged – Now Russian Army Will Talk

A year ago today (on Dec. 30, 2021) U.S. President Joe Biden, in a telephone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin, assured him that "Washington had no intention of deploying offensive strike weapons in Ukraine.” Against that backdrop, bilateral talks in Geneva to start on January 9, 2022 seemed off to a promising start. The … Continue reading “Biden Reneged – Now Russian Army Will Talk”

Putin Makes REAL Nuclear Threat; US Yawns

Russian President Vladimir Putin stated Friday that Russia is considering changing its nuclear doctrine to allow for preventive – not just retaliatory – use of nuclear weapons. Such a change would align Russia’s nuclear posture with Washington’s own strategic doctrine and, at one stroke, make the world far more dangerous. Putin’s highly unusual remarks leave … Continue reading “Putin Makes REAL Nuclear Threat; US Yawns”