Congress Is Trump’s Co-Conspirator Against Liberty

Imagine that President Trump spent his phone call with the Ukrainian president threatening to withhold military aid unless the Ukrainian government agreed to use the money to purchase weapons from a US manufacturer. Does anyone seriously think that foreign service professionals and deep state operatives would be so shocked and offended by Trump’s request that … Continue reading “Congress Is Trump’s Co-Conspirator Against Liberty”

A Beautiful but Deceptive Documentary: For Sama

The documentary movie For Sama has won a host of awards in Europe and North America. Its producers and protagonists, Syrians Waad Kateab and her husband Dr. Hamza Kateab plus English filmmaker Edward Watts, have received gushing praise. And the awards will probably keep coming. Unfortunately, behind a human interest story, the movie For Sama … Continue reading “A Beautiful but Deceptive Documentary: For Sama

Do Saudi Arabs Really Love Americans?

Soon after the shooting of American citizens at the Pensacola Naval Air Station last Friday (December 6) by a Saudi national who was in the US for flight training, President Trump, speaking from the White House, read a statement from Saudi Arabia’s King Salman. President Trump let us know "the Saudi people are greatly angered … Continue reading “Do Saudi Arabs Really Love Americans?”

The Real Collusion: How To Recruit for Forever War

I guess you can say I was raised on the old 1980s-era “Be, All that you can be” U.S. Army recruiting commercials. Cheesy, sure, but they were brilliant. I remember one that embodied the whole series. A racially diverse squad was helicoptered to a lovely green hilltop and proceeded to – almost instantaneously – set … Continue reading “The Real Collusion: How To Recruit for Forever War”

Pensacola: Blowback Terrorism

Florida Senator Rick Scott is lost in the dark. After Friday’s deadly Afghan war-style “green on blue” attack by a Saudi air force officer at the Pensacola Naval Air Station in Florida, the senator issued a statement calling the shooting an act of terrorism, and stating that this was the case, “whether this individual was … Continue reading “Pensacola: Blowback Terrorism”

The Effects and Consequences of Congress’ Endless Permissions for War

I hate war as only a soldier who has lived it can…Its brutality, its futility, its stupidity. ~ Dwight Eisenhower. For the first time in decades, passage of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) has been delayed due to disagreements between Democrats and Republicans. The disagreements at the center of the delay in Congress are, as usual, … Continue reading “The Effects and Consequences of Congress’ Endless Permissions for War”

The Sun Never Sets on the Canadian Military

Most Canadians would be surprised to learn that the sun never sets on the military their taxes pay for. This country is not formally at war yet more than 2,100 Canadian troops are sprinkled across the globe. According to the Armed Forces, these soldiers are involved in 28 international missions. There are 850 Canadian troops … Continue reading “The Sun Never Sets on the Canadian Military”