Biden’s Irresponsible War Doctrine Led to Iran’s Attack on Israel

The Biden administration seems to be consistently adopting a policy of attempting to satisfy its foreign policy objectives by nurturing wars being fought by others while attempting to prevent harm to its own interests by containing those wars. The doctrine of war management has three stages. The first is erecting and maintaining roadblocks to diplomatic … Continue reading “Biden’s Irresponsible War Doctrine Led to Iran’s Attack on Israel”

FISA Exchanges Real Liberty for Phantom Security

House Speaker Mike Johnson betrayed liberty and the Constitution by making a full-court press to get a “clean” reauthorization of Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance (FISA) Act through the House. Section 702 authorizes warrantless surveillance of foreign citizens. When the FISA Act was passed, surveillance state boosters promised that 702 warrantless surveillances would … Continue reading “FISA Exchanges Real Liberty for Phantom Security”

Do Fiscal Hawkery and Supplemental Military Packages Mix?

Fiscal conservatives have been sounding the alarm about endemic federal deficits for years, but many also support the $95 billion supplemental foreign aid for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan now before Congress. Can supplemental military spending be reconciled with budget balancing? Conservative hawks think so, but their faith is not supported by budget and political realities. … Continue reading “Do Fiscal Hawkery and Supplemental Military Packages Mix?”

Biden Should Not Follow Netanyahu Into War With Iran

Reprinted with permission from Responsible Statecraft. The U.S. and Israel have been raising the alarm of a possible Iranian retaliatory strike in response to last week’s Israeli attack on an Iranian diplomatic facility in Damascus. The president once again pledged “ironclad” U.S. support for Israel in the event of an Iranian response, and the head … Continue reading “Biden Should Not Follow Netanyahu Into War With Iran”

Killing Humanitarian Workers as a Strategy: Israel’s Endgame in Gaza

Israel described its clearly deliberate killing of seven humanitarian aid workers on April 1 as a “grave mistake”, a “tragic event” that “happens in war”. Israel is, obviously, lying. This entire so-called war – actually genocide – in Gaza, has been based on a series of lies, some of which Israel continues to peddle. For … Continue reading “Killing Humanitarian Workers as a Strategy: Israel’s Endgame in Gaza”

The CIA Wants More Power To Spy on Americans

Americans need to be aware of the unbridled propensity of federal intelligence agencies to spy on all of us without search warrants as required by the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. These agencies believe that the Fourth Amendment – which protects the individual right to privacy – only regulates law enforcement and does not … Continue reading “The CIA Wants More Power To Spy on Americans”

US Should Adopt the Mearsheimer Plan

During a recent panel discussion sponsored by the Neutrality Studies YouTube channel and The American Committee for US-Russia Accord, the distinguished political scientist John J. Mearsheimer proffered what at first glance might appear to be a radical solution to the crisis in Ukraine.   “I think what has to be done here,” said Mearsheimer, “is … Continue reading “US Should Adopt the Mearsheimer Plan”

The Peril of Forgetting Guantánamo

Guantánamo? Remind me, what’s that? Oh, wait, how could I have forgotten? It’s that all-American offshore prison of injustice, opened in January 2002, that became the holding area for this country’s prisoners in its “war on terror,” many of whom had been tortured at CIA “black sites” elsewhere on the planet. They had, in a … Continue reading “The Peril of Forgetting Guantánamo”

How Big a Factor Is Iran in the War on Gaza?

In both Ukraine and Gaza, the Biden administration has adopted the dangerous doctrine of war management in which, while not stopping a war diplomatically, it attempts to contain it and prevent it from becoming a wider war into which the U.S. might get drawn. The difficult to calibrate policy is being threatened in both theatres. … Continue reading “How Big a Factor Is Iran in the War on Gaza?”