Serbia Prepares a New Case Over Kosovo

BELGRADE – Serbia is preparing to go before the United Nations next month to renew negotiations over the future of Kosovo, its southern breakaway province that has declared independence and been recognized by a number of countries. Serbia is planning its next steps after it was clearly taken aback with the decision Jul. 22 by … Continue reading “Serbia Prepares a New Case Over Kosovo”

Cluster Bombs Threaten Thousands in Serbia

BELGRADE – An estimated 160,000 people in Serbia are still in danger from thousands of unexploded cluster bombs, ten years after the NATO bombing campaign. The danger is gravest in the south, close to the border with Kosovo. A survey by the independent Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) says that North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) cluster … Continue reading “Cluster Bombs Threaten Thousands in Serbia”

Serb-Croat Battleground Moves to Cyberspace

BELGRADE – A new war has broken out between Serbs and Croats, this time without casualties and bloodshed because the battleground is cyberspace. In less than a week, hackers on both sides have crashed the most popular Web sites, leaving challenging messages but short of the hatred the two nations found for one another in … Continue reading “Serb-Croat Battleground Moves to Cyberspace”

Serbian Church Takes On a Sausage

Bishop Irinej from the north-eastern Serbian province of Backa has threatened to excommunicate all those who join a festival for making the world’s biggest sausage. In the southern province Mileseva, Bishop Filaret threatened to excommunicate anyone marrying or even attending a wedding these days. The bishops said festivities like these should not be held during … Continue reading “Serbian Church Takes On a Sausage”