Do Saudi Arabs Really Love Americans?

Soon after the shooting of American citizens at the Pensacola Naval Air Station last Friday (December 6) by a Saudi national who was in the US for flight training, President Trump, speaking from the White House, read a statement from Saudi Arabia’s King Salman. President Trump let us know "the Saudi people are greatly angered … Continue reading “Do Saudi Arabs Really Love Americans?”

Yes, But Isn’t There a Bigger Issue Here?

The title of this essay is the follow-up question I have always wanted mainstream media reporters to ask a political figure after he or she gives the rote response, "Israel has a right to defend itself" (e.g., Biden, Pence and Buttigieg) after the five million Palestinians confined in the "occupied territories" launch a rocket attack … Continue reading “Yes, But Isn’t There a Bigger Issue Here?”

Absurdity of the Neocons’ Syrian Oil Narrative

No doubt, US foreign and military policy since the 1970s has focused on access to and control over the vast oil reserves in the Middle East. Uncritical support of Saudi Arabia (home base for jihadi terrorism and the women-oppressing form of Islam practiced by the Taliban) and the Shah of Iran (oppressive dictator who led … Continue reading “Absurdity of the Neocons’ Syrian Oil Narrative”

The Faux Outcry Over President Trump’s Syria Decision

The recent Washington Post op-ed by Senator Mitch McConnell, "Withdrawing from Syria is a Grave Mistake," is very disappointing. Rather than acknowledging and taking responsibility for the blunders U.S. foreign and military policy over the last 30 years, Senator McConnell and 69 other senators want the US to continue doing what has proven to be … Continue reading “The Faux Outcry Over President Trump’s Syria Decision”

About the Weapons Trump Showed Off on the 4th of July

President Trump’s display of military weapons in Washington D.C. on the 4th of July this year was for him and his supporters a demonstration of our country’s military might, and thus the means by which the US can get its way in the world under his America First foreign policy. But for someone who was … Continue reading “About the Weapons Trump Showed Off on the 4th of July”