Anti-US Group Battles Yemeni Govt

SANA’A, Yemen – Militants from a major Shia group within Yemen have stepped up their fight against the government over recent weeks. The group opposes what it sees as policies supportive of the United States and Israel. Militants from the al-Houthi group, a militant force of Shia Muslims from the local Zaidi sect, have been … Continue reading “Anti-US Group Battles Yemeni Govt”

Yemen’s Detention of Journalists Provokes a Struggle

SANA’A, Yemen – The Yemeni government, which has condemned the abduction of journalists and aid workers in Iraq, itself stands accused now of "abducting" journalists and trying to silence them. Abdel-Karim al-Khiwani, chief editor of the daily al-Shoura, was picked up by the "terrorism department" last month and later sentenced by a court to a … Continue reading “Yemen’s Detention of Journalists Provokes a Struggle”

Jihad Brewing in Yemen

SANA’A – More than 200 people have been killed in clashes between Islamic rebels and government forces using warplanes and tanks; this is not Iraq, but the picture of new developments in Yemen. Thousands of families are at risk as the clashes continue in the Marran mountains of Saddah area. Saddah is about 150km (93 … Continue reading “Jihad Brewing in Yemen”

Talking to Terrorists Can Work

There is much talk of terrorists, and little talking to them. But a bold move in Yemen to open a dialogue with branded terrorists is bringing unexpected results. The dialogue has been initiated by the Theological Dialogue Committee set up by the Yemeni government to talk to al-Qaeda suspects and militants who have returned from … Continue reading “Talking to Terrorists Can Work”