Oh, Shi’ite!

Ah, the fruits of victory. Uncle Sam promised the Iraqis democracy, and now they actually want it – long enough to elect an ayatollah, anyway. The Iranians, far from being discouraged, now cast an acquisitive eye on their western suburbs. The liberated Kurds are busy emulating Saddam. Instead of becoming Amway salesmen, the Taliban have … Continue reading “Oh, Shi’ite!”

Dada Conservatives

Last week, in an essay titled "Iraq’s Cultural Catastrophe – and Ours," Christopher Deliso wrote, "Having almost no history of its own, America is ignorant, almost contemptuous of that of other peoples." While ignorance and envy certainly played a role in the destruction, larger motives were at work, motives that go to the heart of … Continue reading “Dada Conservatives”

Laughter or Despair?

This sad burlesque With miserable failures making entertainment of our fate Laughter cannot dignify or elevate This sad burlesque. —Elvis Costello Whom shall I ridicule this week? Why even bother? Better tyrants than ours might listen to their jesters; better morons might know their limitations. But there is no King Lear or Warren G. Harding … Continue reading “Laughter or Despair?”

Liberate the Vatican!

Fresh from our recent triumphs abroad, many Americans yearn for a break, a moment to celebrate. Such feelings are natural, yet they must be suppressed. Where would we be now if Bush Sr. had retired to Kennebunkport as the Berlin Wall collapsed? Not plowing through Baghdad, that’s certain. No, the elder Bush had nerves of … Continue reading “Liberate the Vatican!”

A Guest Column from National Review

[Editor’s note: Matt Barganier was too shocked and awed by events in Iraq to write this week’s column. In deference to the War Party’s superior gravitas, he decided to let some of his favorite militarists use the Collateral Damage space as a forum this morning. Unfortunately, CNBC’s Kudlow and Cramer were busy, so he had … Continue reading “A Guest Column from National Review

An Aural MOAB for the Middle East

Before the ink on President Bush’s new budget had dried, one man was already uncorking some bubbly. No, it wasn’t Mitch Daniels. It was Norman Pattiz, Middle East Director at the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), the federal panel responsible for beaming American ideals into tens of millions of living rooms worldwide. The reason for … Continue reading “An Aural MOAB for the Middle East”

Woolsey’s Folly

"There’s a word for people who say that democracy can’t work in Arab countries, and that word is racist." – former CIA director James Woolsey Yes, James Woolsey actually said that. It happened during last Tuesday’s Nightline "Town Meeting" on Iraq. Six big shots, three for war and three against, fielded questions from an audience … Continue reading “Woolsey’s Folly”