Deceit and Truth Are Feeding Resistance to US Militarism

Mike Ferner, the president of Veterans for Peace, was speaking outside the White House calling for a “culture of resistance” against U.S. wars. His organization was leading a protest outside the White House at the same moment that President Obama was inside announcing the continuation of the Afghanistan War. Pulitzer Prize-winning war correspondent and author … Continue reading “Deceit and Truth Are Feeding Resistance to US Militarism”

Join Peace Vet-Led Protest at White House on December 16th

The White House is in the midst of a strategic review of Afghanistan. This review is coming at a time when the reality is hard to ignore: Afghanistan cannot be won, the cost is escalating at a time when the U.S. economy is in collapse and the war is undermining U.S. national security and the … Continue reading “Join Peace Vet-Led Protest at White House on December 16th”

Old War in New Bottles

In the week since the much publicized withdrawal of “combat” troops from Iraq it has become more evident that the Iraq War continues under a new name: “Operation New Dawn.” The first off-message comments came from the Department of Defense. Pentagon press secretary Geoff Morrell said shortly after the “end” of the war, “I don’t … Continue reading “Old War in New Bottles”

Can Americans Who Oppose War and Empire Work Together?

Lindsey Graham, a war-supporting senator from South Carolina, said what he fears most is a Left-Right alliance against the Afghanistan War. He recognizes that such an alliance could stop war funding and force American troops to return home. But the masters of war may not have to use divide-and-rule tactics, because many war opponents on … Continue reading “Can Americans Who Oppose War and Empire Work Together?”

Standing With GIs Who Resist

One of the most powerful group of voices in opposition to the occupation of Iraq are U.S. soldiers who come home and speak out. In particular, those who become so disillusioned and disgusted by the Iraq occupation that they refuse to return provide a special power that can help to end the nightmare of the … Continue reading “Standing With GIs Who Resist”

A Powerful New Voting Block Emerges

A new national poll shows that a near majority of voters either strongly or somewhat agree with a pledge not to vote for pro-war candidates. This makes the antiwar movement’s potential impact on elections larger than pro-gun, anti-abortion, or anti-gay marriage voters. Politicians will have to pay heed to this new political force. The pledge … Continue reading “A Powerful New Voting Block Emerges”