Syria Simmers Amid UN Security Council Deadlock 

The United States and its Western allies appear increasingly inclined to push for regime change in Syria, although the latest round of diplomatic talks at the U.N. Security Council Wednesday suggest that it remains a distant possibility. Both Russia and China, the two leading members of the Shanghai Cooperation Pact, a growing military alliance in … Continue reading “Syria Simmers Amid UN Security Council Deadlock “

UN Recognition of Palestinians Still Far Off

UNITED NATIONS – Despite massive support from the international community, the Palestinian quest for recognition as an independent and sovereign nation is unlikely to materialize soon, say political observers and diplomats here. “That is not going to happen,” an African diplomat who has spent more than a decade at the U.N. as an ambassador told … Continue reading “UN Recognition of Palestinians Still Far Off”

Pressure Mounts on UN to Rein in Israeli Expansionism, State Violence

Calls are growing for a swift international response to the situation in the Middle East, as Israel continues to build new settlements in Palestinian territories with increased military actions against civilians. However, there is no sign that the 15-member Security Council intends to take any immediate measures to rejuvenate the stalled peace process led by … Continue reading “Pressure Mounts on UN to Rein in Israeli Expansionism, State Violence”

Foreign News Channels Drawing US Viewers

Television viewers in the United States seeking international news are starting to switch over to foreign channels to learn what is happening in the outside world, media watchers here say. "They are comparable to CNN," said Steve Randall, about television news channels such as Russia Today, Al Jazeera, CCTV of China, and the Press TV … Continue reading “Foreign News Channels Drawing US Viewers”

Israel Ignores UN Security Council Resolution

International aid organizations, including the UN humanitarian agency in Palestine, are calling for the immediate implementation of the Security Council resolution passed late Thursday demanding a cease-fire in Gaza. "The Council must ensure that the words in the resolution must quickly translate into meaningful change," said Nicole Widdersheim of Oxfam International, the London-based charity that … Continue reading “Israel Ignores UN Security Council Resolution”

‘Civilians Are Paying the Price in Gaza’

UNITED NATIONS – International aid groups, including several United Nations agencies, are warning of a humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza if Israel does not stop its military action there immediately. "The consequences of [further] military action by Israel would be disastrous," said Jeremy Hobbs, director of Oxfam International, a London-based aid organization that is providing food … Continue reading “‘Civilians Are Paying the Price in Gaza’”

Protests Mark 6 Years of Guantánamo

Human rights activists will lead rallies across the United States today to build pressure on the Bush administration and Congress to end the detention of foreign prisoners at the Guantanamo Bay military camp. From Washington, DC to Boise, Idaho, civil libertarians plan to hold more than 20 demonstrations and sit-ins across the country and have … Continue reading “Protests Mark 6 Years of Guantánamo”

Iraqi Civilian Deaths Massive by Any Measure

How many Iraqi civilians have lost their lives as a result of gunshots and bombings since the US military invaded that oil-rich Arab nation nearly five years ago? Credible estimates for the period March 2003 until June 2006 have ranged from a high of 600,000 to about 47,000. The first figure was reported by researchers … Continue reading “Iraqi Civilian Deaths Massive by Any Measure”

New US Bomb Could Jumpstart Nuclear Arms Race

A U.S. plan to develop a new hydrogen bomb could spark production of new nuclear weapons by other countries, including several foes of the Bush administration, warn some of the nation’s leading arms control and disarmament advocacy groups. Last Friday, the Department of Energy announced it was seeking to develop a new hydrogen bomb that … Continue reading “New US Bomb Could Jumpstart Nuclear Arms Race”

Nationwide Actions ‘Declare Peace,’ Raise Pressure on Congress

A nationwide civil disobedience campaign aiming to force the administration of President George W. Bush and the U.S. Congress to end the military occupation of Iraq is now in full swing. More than 500 peace groups and justice organizations from all over the United States have joined the "Declaration of Peace," a week-long comprehensive campaign … Continue reading “Nationwide Actions ‘Declare Peace,’ Raise Pressure on Congress”