US-Backed Coca Spraying Mostly Hurts Legal Farmers

If the U.S.-backed aerial spraying of chemicals does not stop immediately, Colombia will pay a heavy price for environmental destruction and lost livelihoods in its indigenous communities, warns a new study by a U.S.-based environmental research group. The 23-page study documents numerous cases of damage to human health, destruction of food crops and contamination of … Continue reading “US-Backed Coca Spraying Mostly Hurts Legal Farmers”

Is War America’s Real National Pastime?

In his provocative documentary Why We Fight, director Eugene Jarecki asks whether Washington’s foreign policy is overly preoccupied with the idea of military supremacy, and if the military has become too important in U.S. life. Jarecki interviews subjects from across the political spectrum, including Wilton Sekzer, a retired New York police officer whose son died … Continue reading “Is War America’s Real National Pastime?”

Group Charges Massacre in UN Raid

UNITED NATIONS – A group of U.S.-based human rights and trade union activists is urging the United Nations to investigate the alleged killings of innocent civilians by its peacekeeping troops in the Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince last week. The activists, who were dispatched to Haiti by the San Francisco Labour Council early this month to … Continue reading “Group Charges Massacre in UN Raid”

US Terror Policies Draw Outrage at Home and Abroad

The George W. Bush administration’s policies on indefinite detention and "extraordinary rendition" are coming under heavy fire from a number of institutions and organizations, including the United Nations, Amnesty International, and members of the U.S. Congress itself. "The prohibition of torture is nonnegotiable," said UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan on the International Day in Support of … Continue reading “US Terror Policies Draw Outrage at Home and Abroad”

Despite Regime Change, Iraq Debts Keep Mounting

UNITED NATIONS – International social justice groups are calling on the United Nations to stop paying out millions of dollars in Iraqi oil revenues to Kuwaiti businesses and individuals as war reparations for Saddam Hussein’s invasion of that country 15 years ago. "The citizens of Iraq should not be held responsible for the actions of … Continue reading “Despite Regime Change, Iraq Debts Keep Mounting”

Israeli Arsenal Vexes Nuclear Negotiators

UNITED NATIONS – The U.S. administration has sought to keep a tight focus on the suspected nuclear activities of Iran and North Korea at month-long talks here on the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). But other countries also have highlighted the impact of Israel’s nuclear weapons arsenal on efforts to establish a Middle East nuclear-free zone. … Continue reading “Israeli Arsenal Vexes Nuclear Negotiators”

Deadlocked Nuclear Talks Resume With Nothing Agreed

UNITED NATIONS – Diplomats charged with halting the spread of nuclear weapons were to reopen negotiations here Tuesday after a three-day break taken after a week of trying but ultimately failing to agree on an agenda for their talks. Delegates at the month-long Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT) Review Conference came close to adopting an agenda last … Continue reading “Deadlocked Nuclear Talks Resume With Nothing Agreed”

Nuclear Weapons Talks Open Amid Crisis

UNITED NATIONS – When world powers adopted a treaty to stop the spread of nuclear weapons some 35 years ago, many hoped it would pave the way for total disarmament. Instead, nations, including some that created the 1970 Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT), have stockpiled thousands of nuclear weapons and even now are making new ones. … Continue reading “Nuclear Weapons Talks Open Amid Crisis”

Terror Alert Resounds in Muslim Communities

Sitting on a sofa in the corner of his living room, Robert Hall turns on the television to watch the evening news on a major network station. He tries to focus on the program, but cannot. He turns to another station and then another. With a remote control in his right hand, he flips channels … Continue reading “Terror Alert Resounds in Muslim Communities”

US Pushes UN to Endorse Preemptive Action Against Suspected WMDs

The United States is pressing the U.N. Security Council to endorse a draft resolution that would allow the use of force against "entities and individuals" suspected of trying to develop, possess or transfer weapons of mass destruction (WMD), diplomats and observers here say. Though they say they are equally concerned about proliferation of the weapons, … Continue reading “US Pushes UN to Endorse Preemptive Action Against Suspected WMDs”