Ceasefire Means Nothing to Gaza Fishers

GAZA CITY — Shortly after Israel and Hamas signed a ceasefire agreement on Nov. 21, the Israeli navy abducted 30 Palestinian fishers from Gaza’s waters, destroyed and sank a Palestinian fishing vessel, and confiscated nine fishing boats in the space of four days. The Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) reported that fourteen fishers from … Continue reading “Ceasefire Means Nothing to Gaza Fishers”

The Civilian Toll of Israel’s Bombs

GAZA CITY — When Israeli bombs struck the Abu Khadra complex for civil administration, they also gutted the sixth floor of the Abu Shabaan complex, located 10 meters across the road. According to the Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR), eight Israeli warplane-fired bombs leveled roughly half of the government compound in eastern Gaza City … Continue reading “The Civilian Toll of Israel’s Bombs”

Israeli Soldiers Fail to Cease Firing

ABASSAN, Gaza Strip — “It was the first day of the ceasefire. An Israeli soldier shot once in the air and within seconds shot me in the leg. He was only a few meters away.” Haithem Abu Dagga, 26, an electrician and farm laborer, will not be able to work for as many months as … Continue reading “Israeli Soldiers Fail to Cease Firing”

Undefeated, Gaza’s Freedom Flotillas Expand 

GAZA CITY — A gleaming new memorial towers in the center of Gaza City’s battered port. Flanked by flags of various nations whose citizens have sailed to the Gaza Strip to highlight the all-out siege on Gaza, the memorial’s inscription bears the names of the Turkish solidarity activists who died one year ago when Israeli … Continue reading “Undefeated, Gaza’s Freedom Flotillas Expand “

Gaza’s Historical Treasures Under Seige

GAZA CITY — Few outside of Gaza would consider its history much beyond the decades of Israeli occupation. But Gaza is a historical treasure house. Many of those treasures are now in Israeli museums, and those that remain are becoming difficult to preserve due to the Israeli siege. Gaza, set along the historical silk road … Continue reading “Gaza’s Historical Treasures Under Seige”

Injured Workers Man Gaza’s Battered Services

GAZA CITY – Outside the battered Civil Defense station in northern Gaza’s Jabaliya region, Mohammed Zidan, a seven-year veteran of fire-fighting and rescue services, stands on crutches in front of battered Civil Defense vehicles. Zidan, 31, lost his right leg during the 2008-2009 Israeli war on Gaza. He is one of more than 30 Civil … Continue reading “Injured Workers Man Gaza’s Battered Services”

These Explosions Are Saviors

GAZA CITY – At precisely 12 noon on a Thursday afternoon, among the rolling sandy hills in southern Gaza, a controlled explosion destroys another round of white phosphorous shells left in Gaza following the 2008-2009 Israeli war on Gaza. Explosives experts from the Mines Advisory Group (MAG) and the United Nations Mine Action Team (UNMAT) … Continue reading “These Explosions Are Saviors”

Israel Winning Its War on Goats

GAZA CITY – Nine-year-old Ismail spends every afternoon herding his family’s flock of sheep and goats, a scraggly group of roughly 20 animals. They live in a shanty house district near Tel el Howa in Gaza City, where growth is sparse to nonexistent. "I walk all over to find food for the animals," he says, … Continue reading “Israel Winning Its War on Goats”

In Gaza, New Year Reopens Wounds of the Old

GAZA CITY — For many survivors of the last Israeli war on Gaza, time has not healed their wounds, physical or emotional. Amal Samouni, 10, still suffers vision problems in her right eye. The shrapnel remaining in her head causes her constant pain and she is unable to concentrate at school. Her concentration is broken, … Continue reading “In Gaza, New Year Reopens Wounds of the Old”

Israelis Destroy Boats, and Lives

GAZA CITY – Until Monday, Omar and Khaled Al-Habil were the owners of a 20m fishing trawler staffed by five or six fishermen at a time, but employing around 18 in cycles. But that morning the vessel came under heavy Israeli navy machine-gun fire, and then shelling. The trawler caught fire. "It’s destroyed, completely destroyed," … Continue reading “Israelis Destroy Boats, and Lives”