Sanctions Give China an Advantage in Iran

LONDON — The European Union’s new sanctions against Iran appear to open a new space for eager Chinese companies to expand their investments in a country viewed as a rogue player by much of the western world. With China recently coming to light as Iran’s largest trade partner, some Chinese analysts predict a wealth of … Continue reading “Sanctions Give China an Advantage in Iran”

China Uneasy Over US Nuclear Policies

BEIJING – With the dispute over Iran’s controversial nuclear program moving this week to the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), the stage is set for a perilous confrontation between the Islamic republic and the international community – a showdown that not only Tehran but also world powers like China and Russia have fought to avoid. … Continue reading “China Uneasy Over US Nuclear Policies”

Chinese Govt Censors Anti-Japan Protests

BEIJING – As anti-Japanese protests continued for a third day in a row here, government censors imposed a news blackout on coverage of protests signaling that Beijing was trying to contain further damage to already strained Sino-Japanese relations. None of the nation’s thousands of newspapers, television stations, and news Web sites carried any details of … Continue reading “Chinese Govt Censors Anti-Japan Protests”

China Blasts Japan for Taiwan Stance

BEIJING – It was Japan and not the United States that bore China’s greatest ire after Tokyo and Washington took the unprecedented step over the weekend to declare that Taiwan would be a common security concern. The inclusion of Taiwan, which China regards as a renegade province, in the list of joint security objectives of … Continue reading “China Blasts Japan for Taiwan Stance”

Two Nations in a Bind Over Nukes

BEIJING – North Korea’s bold statement that it has nuclear weapons – in order to thwart a possible U.S. strike – puts Beijing in an uncomfortable position. This is because it exposes China’s ambiguous position on the primacy of the United Nations when it comes to dealing with the Stalinist country. As North Korea’s oldest … Continue reading “Two Nations in a Bind Over Nukes”

China Unfazed by Bush Rhetoric

BEIJING – There is a reason why China reacted calmly to U.S. President George W. Bush’s pledges to "oppose tyranny" and "spread freedom" around the world. Beijing is confident that the country is becoming indispensable to the United States, regardless of Bush’s rhetoric in his second inaugural speech – which critics have claimed as bordering … Continue reading “China Unfazed by Bush Rhetoric”

China-Iran Tango Threatens US Leverage

BEIJING – Even as Iran pledges suspension of its uranium-enrichment program to avert United Nations sanctions, U.S.-led international efforts to curb Iran’s nuclear capabilities are being undermined by the emergence of an ever stronger partnership between China and the Middle-Eastern country. This was clearly evident when Seyed Hossein Mussavian, Iran’s envoy to the International Atomic … Continue reading “China-Iran Tango Threatens US Leverage”

China: Damage Control After Criticizing Bush

BEIJING – The 2004 vote for the U.S. president would have gone down in history as one of the most painless polls for China since Washington recognized its communist government in 1979, had it not been for a political gaffe committed by Beijing on the eve of the elections. Although Beijing tried to distance itself … Continue reading “China: Damage Control After Criticizing Bush”

Chinese Change of Guard Just Political Window Dressing?

BEIJING – The resignation of ex-president Jiang Zemin from his powerful post as commander-in-chief of the Chinese military heralds his impending political demise. However, his handover of authority to the younger President Hu Jintao signifies little imminent change in the political agenda of the ruling Communist party. For the first time since he became party … Continue reading “Chinese Change of Guard Just Political Window Dressing?”

Dalai Lama’s Overtures to Seek Tibet Solution

BEIJING – Two high-profile envoys of the Dalai Lama, the exiled spiritual leader of Tibet, have arrived in China amidst hopes that their visit could lead to a substantive dialogue with the Chinese government after tentative behind-the-scenes contacts in recent months. The Dalai Lama is said to seek assurances from Beijing that it would not … Continue reading “Dalai Lama’s Overtures to Seek Tibet Solution”