‘One Mubarak Goes, 18 Come In’

CAIRO – Almost six months after the popular uprising that led to the ouster of former president Hosni Mubarak, the honeymoon between protesters and Egypt’s ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) – initially portrayed as a "defender of the revolution" – appears to be over. "The people’s confidence in the SCAF, which appears … Continue reading “‘One Mubarak Goes, 18 Come In’”

Silence Shrouds New Egyptian Security Agency

CAIRO – In mid-March, Egypt’s transitional government formally dissolved the hated State Security Investigations (SSI) apparatus, meeting a longstanding demand of the opposition. But in the month since, authorities have remained tight- lipped about the SSI’s planned successor agency, raising fears that the transformation will be in name only. "There has been an inexcusable lack … Continue reading “Silence Shrouds New Egyptian Security Agency”

Muslim Brotherhood Goes Mainstream in Egypt

CAIRO – Egyptians voted in a nationwide referendum yesterday on proposed amendments to the constitutional articles that govern the electoral process. But regardless of the outcome, political analysts are certain that the Muslim Brotherhood, outlawed throughout the 30-year rule of ousted president Hosni Mubarak, remains poised to be an electoral force to be reckoned with. … Continue reading “Muslim Brotherhood Goes Mainstream in Egypt”

Muslims and Christians Protest as One

CAIRO – Over recent years, Egypt has witnessed mounting tension between its Muslim majority and its sizeable Coptic Christian minority. But in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, the site of ongoing mass protests against the ruling regime, members of both faiths chant in unison: "Muslim, Christian, doesn’t matter; We’re all in this boat together!" Since Jan. 25, … Continue reading “Muslims and Christians Protest as One”

Opposition Grows Against Egypt-Gaza Barrier

CAIRO – Activists and opposition groups are stepping up pressure on the Egyptian government to stop constructing a barrier along the border with the Gaza Strip. Officials say the barrier will prevent cross-border smuggling, but critics say it will seal the fate of the people on the Gaza Strip. "The Egyptian border was the only … Continue reading “Opposition Grows Against Egypt-Gaza Barrier”

Palestinians Failing to Stitch the Split

CAIRO – Reconciliation talks between rival Palestinian factions Hamas and Fatah in Cairo this week yielded an agreement to hold national elections early next year. The two sides, however, remain deadlocked over the proposed terms of a national unity government. "Talks are at a standstill on the issue of the government," a member of the … Continue reading “Palestinians Failing to Stitch the Split”

Border Politics Slows Aid to Gaza

Egyptian authorities are continuing to prevent humanitarian aid from crossing the border into the Gaza Strip, according to local sources. "Until now, only about a quarter of all humanitarian aid to arrive in Egypt has made it across the border into Gaza," Hatem Al-Bulk, journalist and political activist, told IPS. "It’s all piling up in … Continue reading “Border Politics Slows Aid to Gaza”

Politically, Hamas May Have Won

CAIRO – Despite declarations of victory by Israel, the military assault on the Gaza Strip failed to achieve its stated aims, many analysts say. The assault, and even its exceptional brutality, may only have vindicated the notion of resistance among the Arab public. “The steadfastness of the resistance in Gaza in the face of Israeli … Continue reading “Politically, Hamas May Have Won”

Arab Rivalries Evident at Economic Summit

CAIRO – Despite declarations of Arab unity at a recent economic summit, Egyptian commentators say that fundamental differences between rival Arab camps – especially over the issue of Palestine – are far from over. "The deep divisions currently plaguing the Arab world cannot be solved over the course of an official state luncheon," Mohamed Abu … Continue reading “Arab Rivalries Evident at Economic Summit”

Cairo Excuses Israeli Attacks on Egyptians

CAIRO – Tens of thousands of houses inside the Gaza Strip were destroyed by air strikes and artillery during Israel’s recently concluded military campaign. Areas along Egypt’s border with the hapless enclave, meanwhile, have not been immune from the devastation. “Dozens of homes on the Egyptian side of the border were badly damaged as a … Continue reading “Cairo Excuses Israeli Attacks on Egyptians”