The Wretched Beginning of Donald Trump’s Presidency

Maybe Donald Trump is a different kind of politician. Maybe he will keep his promises. Unfortunately, since January 20, Trump has pursued a nasty collection of priorities. Any hope that the political newbie would be dazed and timid in his first 100 days went out the window after his clunky, legally-dubious executive order stopping immigration […]

Israel’s Vision for the Future Is Terrifying

Empirical historical evidence combined with little commonsense are enough to tell us the type of future options that Israel has in store for the Palestinian people: perpetual apartheid or ethnic cleansing, or a mix of both. The passing of the “Regularisation Bill” on 6 February is all we need to imagine the Israeli-envisaged future. The […]

97 Killed Across Iraq; Infants Starving to Death in Mosul

A couple dozen toddlers and infants were reported to have starved to death in Mosul during January.

A Win for the Deep State

Let’s be clear about how and why former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn was ousted from his post: a cabal of current and former members of the “intelligence community,” fanatically opposed to Donald Trump’s stated desire to “get along with the Russians,” leaked the top secret transcript of Flynn’s conversation with Russian ambassador Sergay Kislyak. […]

Israel Rejoices in Unbridled Colony Expansion Amid Trump’s Havoc

Within days of US President Donald Trump being sworn in, the Israeli government announced the approval of around 2,500 new housing units. Within the first two weeks of Trump’s presidency, the number of new housing units, all to be built illegally on Palestinian land, was raised to 5,500, including the first brand new government-sanctioned colony […]

Ignore the Tough Talk – Trump’s Iran Policy Will Be Much Like Obama’s

The first public pronouncements by President Donald Trump’s administration on Iran have created the widespread impression that the US will adopt a much more aggressive posture towards the Islamic Republic than under Barack Obama’s presidency. But despite the rather crude warnings to Tehran by now ex-national security adviser Michael Flynn and by Trump himself, the […]

Thousands Gather to Pay Respects to Dead Demonstrators; 46 Killed in Iraq

Two PKK members committed suicide at a camp in Iraq.

2016 Election and Post-Imperial America

Many of us look back on the 2015-2016 election season as a surreal time of sun-glint nightmare, in which the public was stupefied that such liars, hacks and backwardness could emerge into the top rung of American political space. Perhaps, if we think of Baudrillard’s perspective on democratic politics, the American public was well-served – […]

200 Killed in Iraq; ISIS Attacked in Anbar and Mosul

An attack near Qaim and a counter-attack near Tal Afar left scores of militants dead.

Lessons and Propaganda From the Botched Raid on Yemen

The Trump administration’s first “kinetic” military action, last weekend’s raid on Yemen that killed a Navy SEAL as well as fifteen women and children, was an operational failure. Aggravating that failure has been the aggressive propaganda spin applied by the White House. According to White House spokesman Sean Spicer, the operation was a major success: […]