1,262 Killed in Iraq During December

With the war against the Islamic State winding down and no current violent activity between Kurdish and Iraqi forces, the number of casualties dropped dramatically in December. At least 1,262 were killed and 396 were wounded during December. November saw at least 2,366 people killed and 384 wounded.

Still, ISIS/Daesh managed to continue smaller scale attacks. Also, ongoing tensions between militia groups and between the militias and Kurdish civilians has left a number of dead and injured. And, Turkey launched several operations against Kurdistan Workers Party (P.K.K.) guerrillas ensconced in northern Iraq.

In these various conflicts, at least 631 civilians were killed, and 314 more were wounded. At least 142 security personnel were killed, and 82 were wounded. Also, 388 militants were reported killed. One U.S. soldier also died but not in combat. Meanwhile, Iraq executed at least 38 prisoners, and Turkey reportedly killed 62 P.K.K. in various operations. These numbers add up to 1,262 killed and 396 wounded.

These figures are estimates. The Iraqi government refuses to release official numbers, and it may be that authorities do not know the real figures. Certainly, the government has underreported military casualties, while possibly exaggerating militant ones. In any case, thousands remain missing and uncounted.

At least 114 people were killed, and 15 more were wounded in recent violence:

The bodies of 26 police conscripts were discovered in a mass grave in Rashidiya, near Mosul.

Four people were killed and ten were wounded when gunmen using small arms and explosives attacked a gathering in Farhatiya, near Balad.

In Kirkuk, gunmen may have lobbed grenades at two cafes, wounding five people.

A security operation in the area of Shumaisat and Albu Seif, near Mosul, left 60 militants dead.

Thirteen militants were killed in clashes in Muqdadiya.

Near Qaim, five suicide bombers were killed.

Five militants were killed in Baaj.

Security forces in Neft Khana killed an emir.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for Antiwar.com since 2006.