Osprey Outrage on Okinawa

Peace and tranquility never really seem to last long in Okinawa. Looking over the dark blue Pacific on a cloudy morning, an Okinawan fisherman will hear a steady drone emanating from the dark mass of cumulus cloud.  Then it appears, dropping out of the grey hue. It gets larger and louder. It’s a U.S. Air … Continue reading “Osprey Outrage on Okinawa”

An Afghan Okinawa

There is no U.S. troop withdrawal in 2014. We are ordinary Afghans wishing for peace, and we have eyes and ears and feelings of love and despair, so please read on. The Washington Post, in reporting the recent signing of the U.S. Afghan Enduring Strategic Partnership Agreement, stated that “U.S. trainers and Special Operations troops … Continue reading “An Afghan Okinawa”

Enduring Commitments Abroad

Listen to Rep. Paul deliver this address. Last week President Obama made a surprise pre-dawn trip to Afghanistan to mark the one-year anniversary of the killing of Osama bin Laden and to sign a document further extending the U.S. presence in that country. The president said, “We’re building an enduring partnership. … As you stand … Continue reading “Enduring Commitments Abroad”

Obama Out of Okinawa

In a momentous about-face, Japan has revamped her defense strategy to address Chinese threats to Japan’s southern islands rather than Russian threats to Japan’s northernmost islands. The change comes as tensions between North and South Korea have caused Prime Minister Naoto Kan to patch strained relations between Japan and South Korea and to align Japanese … Continue reading “Obama Out of Okinawa”