Tunisian Nobel Peace Prize an Indictment of US Intervention in the Arab Spring

A groupĀ of peace negotiators has won the Nobel Peace PrizeĀ for its role in preserving the Tunisian Revolution. That 2011 event kicked off the wave of uprisings known as the Arab Spring. The Tunisian Revolution is widely seen as the one bright spot of the Arab Spring, which has otherwise brought war, tyranny, and chaos to … Continue reading “Tunisian Nobel Peace Prize an Indictment of US Intervention in the Arab Spring”

Obama’s Peace Prize Continues Tradition of Dubious Choices

President Barack Obama has been primarily criticized for winning the Nobel Peace Prize so early in his term that he hasn’t yet done anything to deserve it. Only a few commentators, including the president, seemed to sheepishly realize the irony of his receiving the prize shortly after escalating one war and while continuing to fight … Continue reading “Obama’s Peace Prize Continues Tradition of Dubious Choices”

An Open Letter to The Norwegian Nobel Committee

On December 10, you will award the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize to President Barack Obama, citing "his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between people." We the undersigned are distressed that President Obama, so close upon his receipt of this honor, has opted to escalate the U.S. war in Afghanistan with the deployment … Continue reading “An Open Letter to The Norwegian Nobel Committee”

Backdoor Escalation

The official explanation for Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize is that the Norwegians are using the Nobel as an incentive for the president to fulfill what many see as his bright promise and a kind of prophylactic against a repeat of Bush-era warmongering. After all, how could a recipient of the Peace Prize engage in the … Continue reading “Backdoor Escalation”

Another Nobel Message for Peace

JERUSALEM – In the week of Nobel Prize announcements, the most intriguing comment from the Middle East came not, as one might have expected, as a straight reaction to the shock of U.S. President Barack Obama being awarded this year’s Peace Prize. It came from another Nobel winner – Israeli professor Ada Yonath, one of … Continue reading “Another Nobel Message for Peace”

Mourning the Passing of an Unsung Giant in Human History

In the wealthy American society, we have the luxury and freedom to value strange things. So be it. Few indicators of what the society values are more telling than whom we mourn when they die. Recently, the deaths of singer Michael Jackson, the actor Patrick Swayze, and Sen. Ted Kennedy have captured much media attention. … Continue reading “Mourning the Passing of an Unsung Giant in Human History”