Hawks Behind Iraq War Rally for War With Iran

Key neoconservatives and other right-wing hawks who championed the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq are calling for military strikes against Iran in retaliation for its purported murder-for-hire plot against the Saudi ambassador. Leading the charge is the Foreign Policy Initiative (FPI), the ideological successor to the Project for the New American Century (PNAC), which played … Continue reading “Hawks Behind Iraq War Rally for War With Iran”

Rick Perry and the Neocons

The only change anyone can believe in in Washington is that nothing ever changes. The choice between Republican and Democrat in 2012 will likely boil down to who will be making what kind of cuts in social programs to support continuous warfare overseas. Only Ron Paul stands out from the pack with his commitment to … Continue reading “Rick Perry and the Neocons”

Winners and Losers

John Bolton, former United States Ambassador to the United Nations, is again calling on the United States to attack Iran even though he acknowledged that doing so would likely ignite a much larger regional war. But, characteristically, he dismissed the costs as worth it, a phrase reminiscent of former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright’s defense … Continue reading “Winners and Losers”

Neocons Return to War Debate With a Vengeance

Up until now, the neoconservatives within the national security establishment had been almost demure and decorous, content like cats to paw at the growing number of “isolationists” among the GOP coming out against the U.S. intervention in Libya and for a more rapid withdrawal of forces from Afghanistan. But when President Obama announced his plan … Continue reading “Neocons Return to War Debate With a Vengeance”

Kerry Calls for Regime Change in Libya

As Libyan strongman Moammar Gadhafi vowed to hang on to power, a close congressional ally of U.S. President Barack Obama Tuesday called for an end to his regime. “The Gadhafi government’s use of deadly force against its own people should mean the end of the regime itself,” said Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman John Kerry, … Continue reading “Kerry Calls for Regime Change in Libya”

Tear Down This Wall (of Fame): Reagan’s Overrated Foreign Policy

A visit to the remote Reagan ranch in the mountains near Santa Barbara, Calif., on the 100th anniversary of Ronald Reagan’s birth set me thinking about Reagan’s foreign policy record. Conservatives have venerated Reagan for limiting government and winning the Cold War – alleged accomplishments that were either untrue or vastly exaggerated, respectively. Although various … Continue reading “Tear Down This Wall (of Fame): Reagan’s Overrated Foreign Policy”

A Surge of People Power in the Middle East

From his weekly perch at CNN, Fareed Zakaria speculated recently whether George Bush could take credit for the events that were unfolding in Tunisia, whether this was the late fruit of the neoconservative project to bring “democracy” to the Middle East. It is quite extraordinary watching Zakaria – a Muslim born and raised in India, … Continue reading “A Surge of People Power in the Middle East”