Newest National Security Strategy an Elaboration of the Old

The Obama administration has at last issued its own National Security Strategy, a 52-page document that takes the place of the strategy statements published by the George W. Bush administration, beginning in 2002, notable for their belligerence in proclaiming America’s policy priority to be the “defeat” of “terrorism,” their assertion of unilateral pursuit of American … Continue reading “Newest National Security Strategy an Elaboration of the Old”

Obama Ignores His Own Security Strategy

On May 27, President Obama released his first National Security Strategy (NSS), the congressionally mandated statement of America’s overarching vision of national security and how to achieve it. You didn’t know? Don’t feel bad. Hardly anyone else was paying attention either. In fact, the president himself held a press conference on the morning that the … Continue reading “Obama Ignores His Own Security Strategy”