Moderation in Following the Constitution Is No Virtue

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), the ranking Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee and a victim of torture in the Vietnam War, is considered a moderate on issues relating to “war on terror” detainees. This time he has paired with a moderate Democrat, Carl Levin, chairman of that same committee, to insert in the 2012 … Continue reading “Moderation in Following the Constitution Is No Virtue”

Obama Inches Closer to Libya Intervention

Under growing political pressure at home, President Barack Obama inched closer Monday toward committing U.S. military power to at least protecting areas under rebel control, if not ending the 42-year reign of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi. For the first time in the three-week-old crisis that looks increasingly like a civil war, Obama spoke about taking … Continue reading “Obama Inches Closer to Libya Intervention”

Strategic Patience, Camille

How many fingers is commander in chief Obama holding up? He has flushed every one of his promises to wind down our wars all the way to the mess tent, yet he insists that we nod in eager agreement when he tells us he’s keeping them. Like many citizens, I voted for Obama twice. When … Continue reading “Strategic Patience, Camille”