A Specious Compromise on Cordoba

You are not terrorists. Your religion is not evil. Your project is not a monument to murder. But since some believe otherwise, I propose a compromise: Get out. That is the message adopted by some liberals and their allies in the wake of smoldering conservative rage over the Cordoba House proposal. Nevada Sen. Harry Reid, … Continue reading “A Specious Compromise on Cordoba”

Cordoba House: The Acid Test

It’s hard to believe that a national campaign led by lunatics has taken off with such momentum, but then again, it looks like we’re still living in Bizarro World, where the values we upheld before 9/11 have been hideously inverted. So what else can we expect? The cable news channels have been consumed with the … Continue reading “Cordoba House: The Acid Test”

Bin Laden’s Rising Influence In America

American leaders are always trying to assess Osama bin Laden’s level of influence over Muslims. They should look at his influence over their own countrymen. The aversion to a proposed Muslim center near Ground Zero shows that it is Americans, not Muslims, whose thinking the terrorist leader has most successfully recast to his advantage. The … Continue reading “Bin Laden’s Rising Influence In America”

Newt Gingrich: A Menace to Society?

Like a bad penny, Newt Gingrich is back, this time demanding that Tea Partiers grab their muskets for the next revolution – in fact it’s a World War – looming on the horizon. While it sounds farcical, Gingrich’s usual demagoguery and naked opportunism have taken on an even more cynical and pernicious tone this time … Continue reading “Newt Gingrich: A Menace to Society?”

From Shas to Hamas

Muslims just can’t seem to take a joke. Or at least that’s what some would have you believe. Like the contrived Danish cartoon controversy, the much-hyped Times Square car bomb incident provided an ideal opportunity for those who seek to make Islam look bad in the eyes of the world. Before the arrest of Faisal … Continue reading “From Shas to Hamas”