A Specious Compromise on Cordoba

You are not terrorists. Your religion is not evil. Your project is not a monument to murder. But since some believe otherwise, I propose a compromise: Get out. That is the message adopted by some liberals and their allies in the wake of smoldering conservative rage over the Cordoba House proposal. Nevada Sen. Harry Reid, … Continue reading “A Specious Compromise on Cordoba”

Obama Drops 2009 Pledge to Withdraw Combat Troops From Iraq

Seventeen months after President Barack Obama pledged to withdraw all combat brigades from Iraq by Sept. 1, 2010, he quietly abandoned that pledge Monday, admitting implicitly that such combat brigades would remain until the end of 2011. Obama declared in a speech to disabled U.S. veterans in Atlanta that “America’s combat mission in Iraq” would … Continue reading “Obama Drops 2009 Pledge to Withdraw Combat Troops From Iraq”

Obama’s Democratic Authoritarianism

He’s not closing Guantanamo, he’s continuing the "preventive detention" policy of the Bush administration under a new rubric ("prolonged detention"), he’s on board with military commissions ("reformed," of course) and the denial of habeas corpus – and last, but certainly not least, his supporters in Congress have launched a campaign to give him and his … Continue reading “Obama’s Democratic Authoritarianism”