Friday: 2 Iraqis Killed, 14 Wounded

Massive demonstrations decrying the lack of an elected government months after national elections were held in the capital and southern Iraq today. The demonstrations remained peaceful, but there were reports of a few attacks across the county. At least two Iraqis were killed and 14 were wounded in them.

Monday: 13 Iraqis Killed, 59 Wounded

Updated at 8:23 p.m. EST, Oct. 4, 2010 At least 13 Iraqis were killed and 59 more were wounded in numerous attacks across the country. While Baghdad suffered significant violence, particularly towards government employees, predominantly Kurdish areas of the country also saw many attacks. In political developments, a new deal that could end the deadlock preventing the new government from taking power could be in the works for Iraqiya.

Friday: 8 Iraqis Killed, 14 Wounded

Updated at 8:22 p.m. EDT, Oct. 1, 2010 As of today, Iraq has spent 208 days without an elected government. It now stands as the country that has gone the longest between parliamentary elections and the formation of a new government. Meanwhile, at least eight Iraqis were killed and 14 more were wounded in light prayer day attacks across the country.

Saturday: 2 US Soldiers, 3 Iraqis Killed; 16 Iraqis Wounded

At least three Iraqis were killed and 16 others were wounded in new attacks. Separately, two U.S. soldiers were killed and a third one was injured during a non-combat event. Further underscoring the ongoing U.S. presence in Iraq, a leading Sunni cleric urged Arab leaders to boycott the Arab summit next March in Baghdad, in protest of this continuing U.S. occupation.

Sunday: 7 Iraqis Killed, 18 Wounded

Although the country is expecting an increase in violence this week, so far it has been relatively quiet. Today, at least seven Iraqis were killed and 18 more were wounded in light violence. Other news from Iraq dealt with formation of the new government, the aftermath of the drawdown and the huge waste of resources on the part of the United States.

Monday: 13 Iraqis Killed, 28 Wounded

At least 13 Iraqis were killed and 28 more were wounded in attacks across the country. One of the casualties came from an Iranian artillery attack launched into Iraqi Kurdistan. Meanwhile, the political deadlock over the next prime minister continued, but U.S. Vice President Joe Biden called for a resolution soon.

Monday: 1 US Soldier, 3 Iraqis, 4 Iranians Killed; 16 Wounded

At least three Iraqis were killed and seven more were wounded in the latest attacks. A U.S. soldier was also killed during a hostile attack in Baquba. Nearby, four Iranian tourists were killed and nine were wounded in a separate attack in Diyala province. Casualties were also reported in an attack in Fallujah.

Wednesday: 35 Iraqis Killed, 60 Wounded

Updated at 8:21 p.m. EDT, July 28, 2010 At least 35 Iraqis were killed and 60 more were wounded, mostly in two attacks against Shi’ites in Baghdad and Karbala. At a British inquiry, General Richard Dannatt said that the simultaneous wars in Iraq and Afghanistan nearly broke the British military in 2006, when he took over as commander. Also, P.M. Maliki blamed foreign influence for a political impasse that many Iraqis view as his party’s own creation.

Saturday: 5 Iraqis Killed, 10 Wounded

Updated at 9:27 p.m. EDT, July 10, 2010 At least five Iraqis were killed and 10 were wounded in light violence. Turkish warplanes were to blame for injuries to one Iraqi. Meanwhile, U.S. Army’s Chief of Staff, Gen. George Casey, suggested that the United States could be involved in Iraq and Afghanistan for another decade.