Tuesday: 2 Iraqis Killed, 6 Wounded

The new government headed by Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki was sworn in today. News of the breakthrough overshadowed if not dampened reports of violence. At least two Iraqis were killed and six others were wounded in light violence. In the United Kingdom meanwhile, over 200 Iraqis have lost their bid in a British court for a public inquiry into allegations that British soldiers abused them while in detention in Iraq.

Monday: 2 Iraqis, 4 Libyans Killed; 12 Iraqis Wounded

Last minute bickering from the Sadrist bloc has delayed voting for the new cabinet for at least one day, but attacks continued without debate. At least two Iraqis were killed and 12 more were wounded, while security forces killed four Libyans accused of planning Christmas Day attacks. Also, Amnesty International has called on Iraq to protect its Christian population.