How to Tell War Stories

Here’s how I met Nick Turse.  I have a friend who’s a professor of public health and one day in 2003 he asked me if I’d be willing to spend a little time with one of his graduate students who was doing some curious work on the Vietnam War.  This student had read my book The … Continue reading “How to Tell War Stories”

Abolish Memorial Day

We might as well get rid of Memorial Day, for all the good it does us. Originally “Decoration Day,” the last Monday in May has been the designated time for us to remember the war dead and honor their sacrifice – while, perhaps, taking in the lessons of the many conflicts that have marked our … Continue reading “Abolish Memorial Day”

Getting Beyond ‘Left’ and ‘Right,’ Part Two

Editorial note: What follows is the transcript of a speech given in Danbury, Conn., and Boston, Mass., under the auspices of the Ridgefield Liberty Forum and the Boston chapter of, respectively. Part One dealt with the capitulation of the “progressive” left to Obama’s war agenda. Well, then, where else can we turn? After all, … Continue reading “Getting Beyond ‘Left’ and ‘Right,’ Part Two”