Post-9/11: All Eyes on You

In the latest installment of a year-long advertising campaign on the Washington metro, subway riders are treated to a series of smart, mod photographs of leather-clad VPPs (very pretty people) who we assume are spies, operatives, or fugitives á la Jason Bourne. There’s a Carrie Moss with long hair, posing as though caught mid-mission, stilettos … Continue reading “Post-9/11: All Eyes on You”

Welcome to Post-Legal America

Is the Libyan war legal? Was bin Laden’s killing legal? Is it legal for the president of the United States to target an American citizen for assassination? Were those “enhanced interrogation techniques” legal? These are all questions raised in recent weeks. Each seems to call out for debate, for answers. Or does it? Now, you … Continue reading “Welcome to Post-Legal America”