An Evening With Cindy Sheehan

"If we thought [the wars in] Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan were wrong when Bush was president, then they’re still wrong." So began Cindy Sheehan in a speech at the Peace Resource Center in Seaside, Calif. (near Monterey). I had never seen Ms. Sheehan speak, and I found her performance impressive. I’ve always respected her for … Continue reading “An Evening With Cindy Sheehan”

Barack Obama to Cindy Sheehan: Get Lost

I spent but a short time with Cindy Sheehan as she carried her antiwar protest from an earlier time at Crawford, TX, to Martha’s Vineyard, vacation spot for Obama and many other Democrat Party elite.   As Cindy remarked, the real story was not that she was protesting Obama’s wars but that the "leadership" of the … Continue reading “Barack Obama to Cindy Sheehan: Get Lost”

War Coverage and the Obama Cult

There was a time when Cindy Sheehan couldn’t go anywhere without having a microphone and a TV camera stuck in front of her. As she camped out in front of George W. Bush’s Crawford ranch, mourning the death of her son Casey in Iraq and calling attention to an unjust, unnecessary, and unwinnable war, the … Continue reading “War Coverage and the Obama Cult”