Woodward’s Exposé Documents What We All Suspected

The talk in Washington of late has been Bob Woodward’s book Obama’s Wars. The books are piled in the front of every bookstore in town, and people are whispering in the usual “inside baseball” way, about who in the Washington security bureaucracies dissed whom to Woodward. If it weren’t for the latest salacious bureau-gossip, the … Continue reading “Woodward’s Exposé Documents What We All Suspected”

Obama-Men: Innocents Abroad; Politicos at Home

Paging through Bob Woodward’s Obama’s Wars, I should not have been surprised that the index lacks any entry for "intelligence." The excerpts that dribbled out earlier this week had made unavoidably clear that there was, in fact, no entry for intelligence in the disorderly process last fall that got the Obama administration neck-deep in the … Continue reading “Obama-Men: Innocents Abroad; Politicos at Home”

All the King’s Bull Feather Merchants

Uber-journalist Bob Woodward is once again telling us exactly what we need to hear long after we needed to hear it. On Friday, Sept. 24, two days before its release, Woodward’s new book Obama’s Wars was Amazon’s number two best-selling book. It’s amazing how many people will line up to be among the first to … Continue reading “All the King’s Bull Feather Merchants”

The Washington Gossip Machine

We know the endpoint of the story: another bestseller for Bob Woodward, in this case about a president sandbagged by his own high command and administration officials at one another’s throats over an inherited war gone wrong. But where did the story actually begin? Well, here’s the strange thing: in a sense, Woodward’s new book, … Continue reading “The Washington Gossip Machine”