Going Rogue in Combat Boots

Here’s a bit of cheery news: Last week, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates met with the nation’s top defense company executives, including the CEOs of those mega-military-industrial combines Lockheed Martin and Boeing, and called for a “closer partnership.” He also made them a promise. He pledged, according to his spokesman, “to work with the White … Continue reading “Going Rogue in Combat Boots”

Politics Gets in the Way of Obama’s Perceptiveness

President Barack Obama recently expressed a reluctance to send U.S. forces to Yemen and Somalia, two "failed states" where al-Qaeda is active. Obama seemed to realize that such a U.S. military presence might make the terrorism problem worse. If he understands this effect in these two nations, why doesn’t the same principle apply to the … Continue reading “Politics Gets in the Way of Obama’s Perceptiveness”

The War at Home

It’s been grimly amusing to watch the liberal mainstream media spin the murder spree at Ft. Hood. They are trying mightily to pretend it was all about Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan’s inner psychological turmoil, given his job as an Army psychiatrist whose task it was to counsel troubled veterans of the Iraq and Afghan wars. … Continue reading “The War at Home”

Obama Still Doesn’t Grasp Blowback

Although President Barack Obama has more empathy for the opinions of the Islamic world than his predecessor and seems to vaguely understand that they do affect U.S. security, he doesn’t seem to understand specifically that U.S. meddling in and occupation of Muslim countries inflames Islamic radicals and is the main cause of blowback anti-U.S. Islamist … Continue reading “Obama Still Doesn’t Grasp Blowback”

Who’s Next? Lessons From the Long War and a Blowback World

Is it too early – or already too late – to begin drawing lessons from “the Long War”? That phrase, coined in 2002 and, by 2005, being championed by CENTCOM Commander Gen. John Abizaid, was meant to be a catchier name for George W. Bush’s “Global War on Terror.” That was back in the days … Continue reading “Who’s Next? Lessons From the Long War and a Blowback World”

Saving Face and Losing Lives

This past week there has been a lot of discussion and debate on the continuing war in Afghanistan. Lasting twice as long as World War II and with no end in sight, the war in Afghanistan has been one of the longest conflicts in which our country has ever been involved. The situation has only … Continue reading “Saving Face and Losing Lives”

Lessons of 9/11 Still Unlearned

A week ago marked the 8-year anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks against the United States. As we should on each and every Sept. 11, we remembered all those who lost their lives on that fateful day, as well as those who responded to the tragedy. At Arlington National Cemetery, President Obama remarked: "We remember … Continue reading “Lessons of 9/11 Still Unlearned”