Blackwater Wants to Surge Its Armed Force in Afghanistan

A just-released U.S. State Department inspector general’s report [.pdf] on Blackwater’s work in Afghanistan reveals that Blackwater is proposing increasing its private armed forces in Afghanistan, particularly in Mazar-e-Sharif and Herat where the U.S. is opening consulates. Blackwater is currently in the running for a $1 billion contract to train Afghanistan’s national police force. In … Continue reading “Blackwater Wants to Surge Its Armed Force in Afghanistan”

Monday: 13 Iraqis Killed, 15 Wounded

Although casualties were light today—at least 13 Iraqis were killed and 15 were wounded—a number of important stories made the headlines. Among them is the announcement of Tony Blair’s appearance at the Iraq Inquiry. Meanwhile, a U.S. soldier was found guilty of cruelty, while the Iraqi government moved ahead with plans to sue a U.S. … Continue reading “Monday: 13 Iraqis Killed, 15 Wounded”

Congressman Prepares Legislation to Ban Blackwater

As multiple scandals involving Blackwater continue to emerge almost daily, Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL), a member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence is preparing to introduce legislation aimed at ending the US government’s relationship with Blackwater and other armed contracting companies. “In 2009, the U.S. government employed well over 20,000 armed private security … Continue reading “Congressman Prepares Legislation to Ban Blackwater”

Making Sense of the New CIA Battlefield in Afghanistan

It was a Christmas and New Year’s from hell for American intelligence, that $75 billion labyrinth of at least 16 major agencies and a handful of minor ones. As the old year was preparing to be rung out, so were our intelligence agencies, which managed not to connect every obvious clue to a (literally) seat-of-the-pants … Continue reading “Making Sense of the New CIA Battlefield in Afghanistan”

Saturday: 5 Iraqis Killed, 8 Wounded

At least five Iraqis were killed and eight more were wounded in light violence. Meanwhile, Iraq began disarming private contractors in what appears to be a response to the dismissal of U.S. court case against Blackwater. Iraqi forces began confiscating arms from private security contractors that are no longer licensed to operate in Iraq. The … Continue reading “Saturday: 5 Iraqis Killed, 8 Wounded”

Two Blackwater Guards Arrested by FBI on Murder Charges

Two former Blackwater operatives were arrested by US federal agents on murder charges, stemming from their alleged involvement in the shooting deaths of two Afghan civilians in Kabul in May. They have been identified as Justin Cannon, 27, of Corpus Christi, Texas, and Christopher Drotleff, 29, of Virginia Beach, Va. They have been charged with … Continue reading “Two Blackwater Guards Arrested by FBI on Murder Charges”

Thursday: 1 US Soldier, 12 Iraqis Killed; 31 Iraqis Wounded

Updated at 7:50 p.m. EST, Jan. 7, 2010 At least 12 Iraqis were killed and 31 more were wounded during attacks in three cities. A U.S. soldier died of non-combat injuries. Meanwhile, Iran and Iraq’s foreign ministers met to resolve at border dispute. Also, Blackwater Worldwide has settled a number of civil lawsuits stemming from … Continue reading “Thursday: 1 US Soldier, 12 Iraqis Killed; 31 Iraqis Wounded”

Monday: 9 Iraqis Killed, 26 Wounded

At least nine Iraqis were killed and 26 more were wounded in attacks in northern Iraq. Meanwhile, Iraq has filed a civil lawsuit against Blackwater Worldwide in a U.S. court; Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki vowed to obtain justice for the victims of the Blackwater shooting. Also, some Iraqis fear that upcoming elections could mean a … Continue reading “Monday: 9 Iraqis Killed, 26 Wounded”

Sunday: 4 Iraqis Killed, 2 Wounded

At least four Iraqis were killed and two more were wounded in light violence. Several political stories are still in the headlines, including those of the Blackwater case, the bombing in Ramadi last week, and the resolution of the Peter Moore abduction. Also, a mass grave dating to the Saddam regime was found in Karbala. … Continue reading “Sunday: 4 Iraqis Killed, 2 Wounded”