War Coverage and the Obama Cult

There was a time when Cindy Sheehan couldn’t go anywhere without having a microphone and a TV camera stuck in front of her. As she camped out in front of George W. Bush’s Crawford ranch, mourning the death of her son Casey in Iraq and calling attention to an unjust, unnecessary, and unwinnable war, the … Continue reading “War Coverage and the Obama Cult”

Soldiers Who Just Say No

Six months into Barack Obama’s presidency, the U.S. public’s display of antiwar sentiment has faded to barely a whisper. Despite Obama’s vow to withdraw all combat forces from Iraq before September 2011, he plans to leave up to 50,000 troops in "training and advisory" roles. Meanwhile, nearly 130,000 troops remain in that country and more … Continue reading “Soldiers Who Just Say No”

An Antiwar Effort Only the Right Can Lead

"These are extraordinary times [in the UK]. Flag-wrapped coffins of 18-year-old soldiers killed in a failed, illegal, and vengeful invasion are paraded along a Wiltshire high street. Victory in Afghanistan is at hand, says the satirical Gordon Brown. On the BBC’s Newsnight, the heroic Afghan MP Malalai Joya, tries, in her limited English, to tell … Continue reading “An Antiwar Effort Only the Right Can Lead”