If Killing Is Wrong, Then War Is Too

You can’t teach people that it’s wrong to kill people by killing people. I’ve said and written this so often that I’ve almost forgotten what it really means. A good friend of mine recently brought me back to reality. He asked simply, “Well, then, if you don’t teach people that it’s wrong to kill by … Continue reading “If Killing Is Wrong, Then War Is Too”

Why Peace? Why Not!

“Having seen the people of all other nations bowed down to the earth under the wars and prodigalities of their rulers, I have cherished their opposites, peace, economy, and riddance of public debt, believing that these were the high road to public as well as private prosperity and happiness.” – Thomas Jefferson My most natural … Continue reading “Why Peace? Why Not!”

What Now?

The forces of peace and liberty have made great strides in the past few years: most ordinary Americans have turned against the War Party. The truth about how and why we invaded Iraq has turned even formerly staunch interventionists into skeptics of American power, on the right as well as the left. In the battle … Continue reading “What Now?”

All That Is Necessary for Evil to Triumph

The air was filled with dust and the building footprints were still smoking hot. The scene was framed by twisted beams and burnt and beaten buildings. Scattered atop the hills of metal and debris, rescue workers worked diligently to find survivors. Below us lay the ruined bodies of thousands of lost innocent victims, and we … Continue reading “All That Is Necessary for Evil to Triumph”

Freedom Plaza Protesters Settle In

“Exhilarating” is the most appropriate word to describe our assembly since Thursday on Freedom Plaza — our “Tahrir Square” — in Washington, D.C., called into being by October2011.org. And it appears we will be staying for the duration to exercise our freedom to assemble to petition for grievances — peacefully, unless the National Park Police … Continue reading “Freedom Plaza Protesters Settle In”

100 Days of Solidarity With Iraq

This week marks the beginning of what is supposed to be the final 100 days of the U.S. occupation of Iraq. But if U.S. troops are to leave Iraq at the end of this year as promised — repeatedly — it will take grassroots pressure to counter the growing “occupy Iraq forever” chorus in Washington. … Continue reading “100 Days of Solidarity With Iraq”

Can Only Democrats Engage in Wars of Aggression?

Can Democrats support war without getting shot down in a hail of flak by the media and progressives? That question has proven to be a thorny issue, but more evidence keeps accumulating to suggest that this is indeed the case. One example surfaced in the Monterey Peninsula area of California this month.  Libertarians for Peace, … Continue reading “Can Only Democrats Engage in Wars of Aggression?”

The Left’s Antiwar Movement in Monterey: Down but Not Out

There’s no doubt that antiwar activism among the left has declined substantially since Barack Obama became president. That has led many people to claim that the apparent antiwar views of many on the left were not so much antiwar as anti-Bush. I’m sure that there’s something to that, but there’s also a more nuanced explanation. … Continue reading “The Left’s Antiwar Movement in Monterey: Down but Not Out”