NBC Blames Russia for Drawing Attention to Racist Incidents

NBC news ran a story titled, "Russia-linked Twitter accounts promoted ‘doxxing’ over racial tension videos." The article claims some videos that went viral on twitter featuring confrontations between white people and minorities would not have been so popular if it wasn’t for some "Russia-linked" twitter accounts. The first incident the story mentions is from October … Continue reading “NBC Blames Russia for Drawing Attention to Racist Incidents”

There’s No Good Reason To Stay in Syria

Back in December 2018, President Trump announced he would be withdrawing US troops from Syria. The establishment came out in full force to squash this idea. Trump was attacked by Democrats, Republicans and just about all the talking heads and pundits of the mainstream media. The most common argument was that we would be leaving … Continue reading “There’s No Good Reason To Stay in Syria”

MSM Coverage of Senate Intelligence Report Is Misleading

A day after Robert Mueller’s testimony before Congress, the Senate Intelligence Committee released a report on supposed Russian interference in the 2016 election at the state and local level. The committee will be releasing four more reports relating to Russian interference over the next month. The heavily redacted report made the claim the Russian government … Continue reading “MSM Coverage of Senate Intelligence Report Is Misleading”

US Sanctions Are Still Strangling Venezuela

As tensions in the Persian Gulf are taking up most of the headlines, the Trump administration is still seeking regime change in Venezuela. Since coming into office President Trump has had an aggressive policy towards Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro. The Center for Economic Policy and Research determined in April that US sanctions were responsible for … Continue reading “US Sanctions Are Still Strangling Venezuela”

In Defense of Ilhan Omar

President Trump held a rally in North Carolina on Wednesday after a week of criticizing certain freshman members of Congress, drawing much media attention. Of course, the cries of racism from the left are nothing new to hear, but in specifically targeting Rep. Ilhan Omar (Dem-Minn) the president hit a new low. Omar needs to … Continue reading “In Defense of Ilhan Omar”

2¾ Cheers for the New Quincy Institute

What if George Soros and Charles Koch teamed up to do a thing? Sounds pretty scary so far. What if the project was to build a new antiwar think tank in Washington with the financial backing to make a serious mark? Does that sound even scarier? It shouldn’t. The reasons why are Trita Parsi, Andrew … Continue reading “2¾ Cheers for the New Quincy Institute”

It’s About Time We Recognize What Fuels Terrorism

Since September 11th 2001, the U.S. media and government have demonized Muslims and fetishized the US military so much that many Americans do not understand what a devastating impact our foreign policy has had on the Muslim world. It is the duty of every American to question their government’s action, we need to get this … Continue reading “It’s About Time We Recognize What Fuels Terrorism”

Can We Expect No Consequences for Killing Yemeni Children?

The war in Yemen is still raging on with no end in sight and the Saudis are beginning to see the war come home to them. The Houthi regime has been increasing drone strikes inside of Saudi Arabia, hitting an oil pipeline and an arms depot in recent weeks. While the Saudis are beginning to … Continue reading “Can We Expect No Consequences for Killing Yemeni Children?”

NBC Claims Russians Plan To Give African Americans Combat Training

On Monday NBC news reported "Russian documents reveal desire to sow racial discord and violence in the US." The claim is that these documents are communications between associates of Yevgeny Prigozhin, who is described as a "Kremlin linked oligarch indicted by special counsel Robert Mueller." The documents were obtained by the Dossier Center, a London … Continue reading “NBC Claims Russians Plan To Give African Americans Combat Training”

A Bloody Start to Ramadan in Afghanistan

The US backed Afghan president Ashraf Ghani called for a Ramadan truce with the Taliban this year, but the Taliban rejected it, continuing attacks against Afghan government forces. The Taliban insisted there will not be any ceasefires or peace until foreign troops have left the country. Spokesman for the Taliban Zabiullah Mujahid tweeted on May … Continue reading “A Bloody Start to Ramadan in Afghanistan”