They’ll Come For Us Next

It’s the double standards that gets me – no, cancel that, it’s the spineless me-tooism that’s really so revolting. I don’t ‘blame’ the United States for being the number one nation, still less for doing number one nation stuff, but what does get to me each time is the degree and direction of the self-deception … Continue reading “They’ll Come For Us Next”

Many Ways the US Attack on Iraq May Fail

Many supporters of the U.S. war against Iraq suppose that it will be won quickly and easily. Not all responsible analysts agree. Two doubters are particularly interesting, one opposed to attacking Iraq, the other supporting it. Three scenarios are outlined by Immanuel Wallerstein, who teaches at Yale. First, there is the devout hope that the … Continue reading “Many Ways the US Attack on Iraq May Fail”

What Is ‘New’ In the New Bush Doctrine?

Toward the end of last month, there emerged from Important Places a statement of the strategic thinking of the Bush administration. Much was made of the document’s unilateralism and rhetorical embellishments. Further examination suggests that the chief novelty lies in the sheer nakedness of present US claims to universal rulership. Of course the United States … Continue reading “What Is ‘New’ In the New Bush Doctrine?”

Iraq: ‘A War Waiting for a Pretext’

For about a year, we’ve been hearing how intensely George W. Bush wants to remove Saddam Hussein from power. Mr. Bush has made all sorts of accusations against Hussein, but offered no public evidence to support his assertions. Finally, this past Monday evening we were to hear the full case for going to war against … Continue reading “Iraq: ‘A War Waiting for a Pretext’”

Iraq – First Stop on the Road to Empire

We’re ki cking off our Fall campus tour, and Justin Raimondo is on the road: what follows is the text of a speech delivered on October 9, 2002, at Washington University, Missouri. Why war? Why Iraq? And why now? As the editorial director of, and a columnist for that site, half of the many … Continue reading “Iraq – First Stop on the Road to Empire”

Missile Tests Foment New Rivalries

As the beat of America’s war-drums against Iraq gets louder, the Indian government finds itself in an untenably contradictory situation: should it support a United Nations-endorsed attack against Iraq’s "terrorist" Saddam Hussein regime, as part of US President George W. Bush’s "global war against terrorism", which it zealously and unconditionally welcomed a year ago? Or … Continue reading “Missile Tests Foment New Rivalries”

Opposing the Use of Military Force Against Iraq

I oppose the resolution authorizing military force against Iraq. The wisdom of the war is one issue, but the process and the philosophy behind our foreign policy are important issues as well. But I have come to the conclusion that I see no threat to our national security. There is no convincing evidence that Iraq … Continue reading “Opposing the Use of Military Force Against Iraq”

Khan Yunis: Before the Juggernaut

A mobile watchtower, lifted into the air by a crane, surveys Khan Yunis day and night. An ambulance from the city waits behind a nearby concrete building day after day; it waits so that the next child shot for playing too close to the wall can make it to the local hospital before dying. The … Continue reading “Khan Yunis: Before the Juggernaut”

Forward to The Past

Results of the Bosnian general elections should be official by now, though it was already obvious on Tuesday that ethnic parties triumphed convincingly. Though agency reports over the past several days have made a great deal of that outcome, as usual they refused to let facts get in the way of a good story. Much … Continue reading “Forward to The Past”


We’re starting our Fall Campus Tour this week, and Justin Raimondo is on the road. In lieu of a regular column, we’re offering a special treat: a feature article by Raimondo written especially for Chronicles, and made available to you on the web: "Larry Ellison’s Golden Age: Profiteers of the Warfare State." By the way: … Continue reading “LARRY ELLISON’S GOLDEN AGE: PROFITEERS OF THE WARFARE STATE”