What Taiwanese Fear

As one moves from Japan through Taiwan and Hong Kong to Mainland China, a visible transition from extremely orderly to extrememly chaotic takes place. In Japan, the streets all seem newly paved and swept, the houses quaint and sparkling and the streams running through the Tokyo suburbs contain edible fish. People quietly play with their … Continue reading “What Taiwanese Fear”


Justin Raimondo is on vacation. Today we present an appropriate classic from two years ago. As the small boat approached the USS Cole, the two men on board stood at attention, arrow-straight, as if to acknowledge the solemnity and gravity of that moment – and in the next moment they went up in a burst … Continue reading “THE MIDDLE EAST: WAR WITHOUT END”


There is no doubt more than a grain of truth in Maureen Dowd’s thesis that the current foreign policy row over Iraq is essentially a family feud between George W. Bush and his father, and that the solution may have to be “family therapy.” But surely this is a somewhat, er, one-dimensional view: leave it … Continue reading “THE SCOWCROFT DOCTRINE”

The Elusive Dr. Karadzic

For the past seven years NATO troops tossed out a net to capture the elusive former Bosnian Serb president Radovan Karadzic based on either tips from informers [they say] or based on information obtained by threats to Serb government officials and to villagers. The BBC correspondent in Sarajevo, Nick Hawton, reported on 16 August that … Continue reading “The Elusive Dr. Karadzic”

The Powell Doctrine: Baghdad/Jenin/My Lai

With the US poised to attack Iraq, it’s helpful to recall what pushed us over the brink last time … the invisible steps and the unspoken consequences. In the fall of 1990, when the US Congress was debating going to war, Amnesty International (AI) released an explosive report detailing how Iraqi soldiers had taken Kuwaiti … Continue reading “The Powell Doctrine: Baghdad/Jenin/My Lai”


[Editor’s Note: This article first appeared in the September 2000 issue of Chronicles, and is reprinted with permission.] In his classic study of noninterventionist or “isolationist” thought, Not to the Swift, historian Justus Doenecke takes note of a phenomenon that might be called “Asialationism” – conservative politicians and publicists of the postwar era who were … Continue reading “BLOWBACK: READ THIS BOOK!”

Sleepwalking & Silent

As Americans, we need to ask ourselves: Do we really need another war memorial to our newest military dead? We may come to that in the often-threatened war against Iraq, which our Washington-based War Party confidently predicts will be short and sweet. Are you ready for TV cheering "our boys" on as they race valiantly … Continue reading “Sleepwalking & Silent”

Nothing New In Kosovo

Over the past couple of days, two prominent leaders of the "Kosovo Liberation Army" (KLA) have been arrested by the NATO forces occupying Kosovo. Rrustem Mustafa, better known as Commander Remi, is accused of torturing and murdering several people. Ramush Haradinaj was charged with "violent behavior" – a polite way to describe a shooting of … Continue reading “Nothing New In Kosovo”