The Safest Place in the World

Expats strike rueful poses over their brews and noodles here in Chengdu. Its easy to shake one’s head at the Bush Crew’s follies and swap estimates of the Arabic/Islamic (World?) backlash whilst basking in the Sichuan spring sun, miles and miles away from Iraq. Yesterday at a meeting the Ministry of Propaganda held to discuss … Continue reading “The Safest Place in the World”

Another United Nations War?

President Bush Sr. proudly spoke of "The New World Order," a term used by those who promote one – world government under the United Nations. In going to war in 1991, he sought and received UN authority to push Iraqi forces out of Kuwait. He forcefully stated that this UN authority was adequate, and that … Continue reading “Another United Nations War?”

Notes from the Margin

Is it just a coincidence that the President’s speech to the American Enterprise Institute, in which he outlined an ambitious strategy of "democratization" in the Middle East, was delivered on the anniversary of the day Napoleon escaped from Elba? On Feb 26, 1815, Bonaparte slipped past his guards on the rocky little isle and returned, … Continue reading “Notes from the Margin”

What Europe Will Do To America\’s Friends

Theory Has the plan worked? After forty odd years of struggle, are we finally about to end up with the Europe we\’ve always wanted? Well that, obviously enough, would depend upon who, in this instance, we are, and what it is we consider \’Europe\’ to be, or about to be. A very credible case is … Continue reading “What Europe Will Do To America\’s Friends”

Buying War Allies and ‘Friends’ with Foreign Aid

With an American invasion of Iraq imminent, nations in the region are increasingly worried about the political, social, and economic consequences of a second Gulf war. Not surprisingly, Jordan, Israel, Kuwait, and Turkey are demanding more money from the U.S. to offset the costs, economic and otherwise, of such a war. Other Middle East countries … Continue reading “Buying War Allies and ‘Friends’ with Foreign Aid”

Korea: Background and Implications

I thought it might be useful to know a little more about North Korea than what is in the latest headlines, so I talked to a couple of people who have a bit of expertise and knowledge of recent history. Doug Bandow, a senior fellow at the libertarian Cato Institute, wrote Tripwire, a book on … Continue reading “Korea: Background and Implications”

Sending American Troops to Their Deaths in Iraq?

The real cost of a war with Iraq to the American people may be incalculable in ways we have not considered. When we invade Iraq this time, unlike the last, we could sustain far more casualties than we did in Desert Storm. Iraq’s Army may have folded quickly in Kuwait, but they will be defending … Continue reading “Sending American Troops to Their Deaths in Iraq?”

War Party Stumbles

While war may be inevitable – at least, that’s what we’re supposed to believe – the War Party’s propaganda campaign is stupefyingly unconvincing. What was billed as a "Support the Troops" rally at the Alamo was held the other day, where "about 1,000" participants waved signs proclaiming "God Supports President Bush." This echoes the President’s … Continue reading “War Party Stumbles”

Occupation: Always Room for Improvement

This is a letter in response to an opinion piece in the Capital Times. Thanks for providing the fresh voice of Israeli consulate spokesman Josh Weinberg. If anything, Josh’s testament to Israel’s strong moral fiber and desperate yearning for peace is understated. Israel realizes there is always room for improvement. For example, whereas in the … Continue reading “Occupation: Always Room for Improvement”