Fitzgerald Expands Probe to Prewar Intel

As readers found out on Wednesday, prosecutor Patrick J. Fitzgerald’s investigation into the Plame leak case has broadened to include a probe into the catalyzing event that set off the “outing” of CIA agent Valerie Plame to begin with: the Niger uranium forgeries. These documents, which purported to show that the Iraqis were trying to procure uranium from the African nation of Niger, were utilized by the Bush administration in making the case for war – but, alas, they turned out to be crudely done fakes. The question of who forged them has always been at the heart of this case, and now it looks like Fitzgerald is getting close to the answer.

Since the forged documents first turned up in Italy, an Italian parliamentary committee was charged with investigating, and they issued a heavily redacted report: now, Fitzgerald has received an unredacted and full version of the report, and he is moving fast on this front, as this video clip from MSNBC reports.

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