Balkans ‘Success’ Stories

True Stories of ‘Failed States’So often is it necessary to describe and decry all the iniquities of Imperial occupation in the Balkans, it is easy to lose track of other reasons for which the peninsula is important. Advocates of Empire often justify their pronouncements by mentioning what they call “failed states.” Successors of the former … Continue reading “Balkans ‘Success’ Stories”

Snapshots Of A Nightmare

Perhaps this description of Mordor from the film version of Tolkien’s classic is too harsh on the Balkans. After all, the peninsula is not a fountainhead of evil, merely a victim of its ravages and possession. A more apt comparison in this vein would be Moria: a crossroads once full of wealth and splendor, now … Continue reading “Snapshots Of A Nightmare”

Shadows of Srebrenica

In the summer of 1995, the Bosnian War was rapidly approaching its conclusion. The balance of power was shifting, with Croatia joining the conflict semi-openly (with American blessing and encouragement) and the Bosnian Muslims bolstered by incoming weapons and mujahidin. In June, Muslim forces ("Army of the Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina") attacked on all fronts, making … Continue reading “Shadows of Srebrenica”

Bosnia As Chump Change

It may have slipped in under the radar by now that the United States vetoed an extension of the UN mission in Bosnia this weekend, since the UN could not be blackmailed into granting US troops immunity from the new International Criminal Court. Since the Security Council refused to compromise, and the threat of veto … Continue reading “Bosnia As Chump Change”

Balkans Leaders Chose Servitude

It’s been a fact for at least a year now, ever since the Treaty of Ohrid was signed, that the Balkans was fully conquered. Perhaps the final, unnecessary confirmation came in March, when the last remnant of the last Yugoslav federation was officially dismantled. Those who inherited the rubble of what used to be Yugoslavia … Continue reading “Balkans Leaders Chose Servitude”

Balkans and the Big Picture

Hollywood did it again last weekend, as the Chris Rock-Anthony Hopkins feature Bad Company revolved around preventing "Yugoslav" terrorists from blowing up New York City with a nuclear weapon. Even the film critics saw through such a pathetic plot setup. But it must have been rather embarrassing when a most unlikely suspect was arrested Monday … Continue reading “Balkans and the Big Picture”

The Long Shadow of Kosovo

This week, news from the Balkans has focused on the arrival of Bosnia’s new viceroy and the Serbian parliamentary purges. The fact that “Paddy” Ashdown, an accomplished belligerent statist, was to become Bosnia’s new overlord was already mentioned here. And while purges in Serbia might sound like exciting reading, they are but empty political posturing … Continue reading “The Long Shadow of Kosovo”

Charlatans In Charge

The unprecedented farce that unfolded at the Hague Inquisition’s "courtroom" last week transcended shocking, pushed the limits of even this kangaroo court’s credibility, and perfectly exemplified the past decade in the former Yugoslavia. What it has shown, and what most people don’t seem to understand, is that Imperial military, political, and economic interventions were just … Continue reading “Charlatans In Charge”