It’s the Policy, Stupid

A blue-ribbon panel on U.S. public diplomacy is calling on President George W Bush not only to sharply increase funding to more effectively explain U.S. policy to an increasingly hostile Islamic world, but also to narrow the gap between U.S. values and what Washington actually does in the region. That is the distinct – albeit … Continue reading “It’s the Policy, Stupid”

The Sharks Are Circling in Washington

To say that there’s blood in the water and the sharks are circling around the Bush administration’s Iraq policy would be understatement at this point. It’s more like a blood bank that’s been dropped into the water, the sharks have taken the first bites, and Amazonian piranhas are clamoring for visas on an expedited basis. … Continue reading “The Sharks Are Circling in Washington”

Pentagon Office Home to Neo-Con Network

An ad hoc office under US Undersecretary of Defense for Policy Douglas Feith appears to have acted as the key base for an informal network of mostly neo-conservative political appointees that circumvented normal interagency channels to lead the push for war against Iraq. The Office of Special Plans (OSP), which worked alongside the Near East … Continue reading “Pentagon Office Home to Neo-Con Network”