America: A Prisoner of Our ‘Allies’

All the Very Serious People are tweeting and retweeting this “iconic” photo of Trump surrounded by the Euro-weenies, with Angela Merkel seeming to lecture the President while the rest of our faithless “allies” look on. It’s “America Alone” –   the visual representation of the internationalist worldview: Trump’s policy of “America First” is “isolating” us, … Continue reading “America: A Prisoner of Our ‘Allies’”

Populism and the End of the European Union

The newly-installed US ambassador to Germany, Richard (Ric) Grenell, is at the center of a Trumped-up “controversy,” after having given an interview to Breitbart saying that he’s looking forward to encouraging beleaguered European conservatives. The NeverTrumpers went wild: neocon Anne Applebaum accused him of being part of a conspiracy on the part of the Trump … Continue reading “Populism and the End of the European Union”

A Very Personal Message From Justin Raimondo

Dear friend of, I’m told by my colleagues that they’ve received many inquiries about my health status since my cancer diagnosis, and they’re urging me to write an update. Although I fear they are exaggerating the demand for this, out of a desire to make me feel better, I’ve learned through the years … Continue reading “A Very Personal Message From Justin Raimondo”

The Babchenko Deception: Kiev’s Masters of Deceit

The Ukrainian government has stretched the truth beyond credibility on more than one occasion: those snipers in the Maiden who started firing on both sides during the “revolution” turned out not to have been soldiers loyal to the Yanukovich regime. With billions of US tax dollar going to subsidize what may be the most corrupt … Continue reading “The Babchenko Deception: Kiev’s Masters of Deceit”

The Korea Summit: Skeptics Gloated Too Soon

President Trump’s sudden cancellation of the Singapore Summit had his enemies, left and right, ecstatically tweeting "I told you so!" In all the domains of Hate-on-Trump-landia, from the neoconservative netherworld of the Weekly Standard to the highfalutin liberal highlands of The New Yorker, the gloating rose up into the stratosphere like a mushroom cloud, blotting … Continue reading “The Korea Summit: Skeptics Gloated Too Soon”

A Spy in the House of Trump

The identification of a spy implanted in Donald Trump’s presidential campaign by a murky cabal of spooks, both foreign and domestic, has given us a whole new perspective on the Russia-gate hoax. We know the FBI had a source within Trump’s organization because Fusion-GPS chief executive Glenn Simpson testified before Congress on August 22, 2017 … Continue reading “A Spy in the House of Trump”

The Korea Story: Why Is the Media Getting It So Wrong?

As news of the statement by the North Korean vice minister for foreign affairs Kim Kye Gwan spread, the usual suspects could hardly contain their glee: Trump’s vaunted Korean peace initiative had been a fraud all along! The summit was off! The North Koreans had been faking it, and Mr. Art of the Deal had … Continue reading “The Korea Story: Why Is the Media Getting It So Wrong?”

Kim Jong-un: The Commie Who Came in From the Cold

Why has North Korea suddenly decided to negotiate with Seoul and Washington, and quite possibly give up its nuclear weapons? This question has commentators in the West stumped, and so they fall back on the usual self-serving narcissistic America-centric nonsense: Kim Jong-un was so intimidated by President Trump’s outlandish threats that he decided to be … Continue reading “Kim Jong-un: The Commie Who Came in From the Cold”

Iran Deal Exit: America First, or Israel First?

As the US walks away from the Iran deal is Washington headed down the road to war? That’s the assumption of the deal’s supporters, the main talking point – but is it necessarily true? President Trump’s decision, made despite pleas from our European allies and even some of his own base, supposedly unmasks him as … Continue reading “Iran Deal Exit: America First, or Israel First?”