Harbinger of a New Age

Against the outcries and warnings of the mandarins of the establishment, the President is withdrawing all US troops from Afghanistan. America’s longest war ends in a in a deal that was offered years ago but was rejected by the same dead-enders in the Pentagon who are pouting mightily at the moment. Meanwhile Trump continues to … Continue reading “Harbinger of a New Age”

Korean Summit: It’s Not About Us

Originally published April 23, 2018: Justin is recuperating from his recent radiation treatment and has suggested running this still-relevant, and, sadly, still timely column about the state of US politics and North Korea. Written nearly a year ago, every word rings true. Especially gut-wrenching is his comment about US Establishment resistance to peace in the … Continue reading “Korean Summit: It’s Not About Us”

Cancer Gets You a Doctor’s Note

To My Readers, I’m writing this brief note for two reasons: 1) my apologies for my long absence. Yes, cancer gets you a doctor’s note, but still…and 2) please support our winter fundraising drive. We have terrific matching funds, so your donation will be doubled. This whole illness is painful and inconvenient – but good … Continue reading “Cancer Gets You a Doctor’s Note”

An Appeal to My Readers

Originally published November 25, 2016: Justin is recovering from a round of radiation treatment and will be back soon. In the meantime, as we are kicking off our winter fund-raising campaign, it seems appropriate to run an earlier Justin column about – Syria and fund-raising! Justin saw a cloudy prognosis but had hopes in 2016 … Continue reading “An Appeal to My Readers”

Merry Christmas to My Readers

Dear readers, I’ve been undergoing some pretty intense anticancer treatments the past few days and will be going through this throughout the holiday season. Despite the fact that I am getting better, some of the side effects are quite fearsome. This isn’t always the case but it is today and so I am taking Christmas … Continue reading “Merry Christmas to My Readers”

The End of the Weekly Standard

The rumored demise of the Weekly Standard is yet another of Donald J. Trump’s achievements that will go uncelebrated by his liberal enemies: indeed, they are even now mourning the death of the neoconservative flagship. And of course neoconservatism’s many fellow-travelers are out there with panegyrics. It “stood up for conservative principle” in the age … Continue reading “The End of the Weekly Standard

A Monster Reawakens: The Rise of Ukrainian Fascism

Originally posted March 5, 2014: Ukraine is back in the news; once again Ukrainian right-wingers and their American cheerleaders are agitating for war with Russia (see this week’s op-ed in the New York Times “Putin Must Be Punished: Russia can’t be allowed to get away with its brazen aggression against Ukraine. The West needs to … Continue reading “A Monster Reawakens: The Rise of Ukrainian Fascism”