Icarus Over Iraq: The Miracle of a Single Haasen Hand Grenade

The human imagination is quicker off the mark than any six-gun, bomb, or JDAM missile. Long before humans made it into airplanes, whole cities were being destroyed from the air – in an avalanche of popular fiction. By the late 19th century London had gone down in flames more than once and New York soon … Continue reading “Icarus Over Iraq: The Miracle of a Single Haasen Hand Grenade”

A Worthless Intelligence Agency

It’s well known that Washington was originally built on a pestilential swamp. Right now, the Bush administration is in the process of draining its own “swamp” of potential critics and doubters of any sort and installing “family” members, many from George’s (and Karl’s) old Texas days, others “adoptees” like Condoleezza Rice, ever more firmly in … Continue reading “A Worthless Intelligence Agency”

The Battle for Minds (Forget the Hearts)

Reality TV votes with its feet on Bush foreign policy: “[Bernard van Munster, the Dutch-born co-creator and executive producer of the reality TV show, The Amazing Race] continues to scout locations for the seventh season, more than ever convinced that the world is a far less dangerous place than it sometimes seems. ‘Everybody everywhere has … Continue reading “The Battle for Minds (Forget the Hearts)”