Louis Bromfield (1896-1956): Farmer, Novelist, and Cold War Critic

Louis Bromfield was a sort of Northern agrarian, a Jeffersonian democrat of the Old Northwest. He was soft on FDR’s Civilian Conservation Corps and some aspects of the Tennessee Valley Authority, but was otherwise critical of New Deal methods, as can be seen in his essays on farming in Pleasant Valley (1943[reprint 1971]). Bromfield was … Continue reading “Louis Bromfield (1896-1956): Farmer, Novelist, and Cold War Critic”

Judgement Day for the Western Media: Kosovo and the Big Lie

We know that they lied. There was no “holocaust” in Kosovo that justified NATO’s “humanitarian” intervention” – just a civil war in which there were 2,108 casualties on both sides before NATO’s bombs began falling. And just as there were no Nazi-like legions of Serbian mass murderers engaged in an orgiastic slaughter of the innocents, … Continue reading “Judgement Day for the Western Media: Kosovo and the Big Lie”

ITN: Case Closed

One of the pioneering feats of its sort in the ongoing struggle to discover the truth and uncover the media manipulation behind the Balkans wars of the 1990s, Emperors-Clothes’ first film, Judgment, accomplishes all it has set out to do in a remarkably short period of time. At only thirty minutes in length, Judgment does … Continue reading “ITN: Case Closed”

Doubts about Colombian Intervention

The House of Representatives did pass a $13 billion supplemental appropriation bill last week that included $2.1 billion for the ill-advised mission in Kosovo and $1.7 billion for military and anti-drug aid to Colombia, by a fairly convincing 289-146 margin. But the votes garnered by several key amendments suggested increasing resistance to the idea that … Continue reading “Doubts about Colombian Intervention”

From Camp Swampy to Camp Bondsteel!

A friend asked the following question: "James Rubin admits that the US considered the Kosovo Liberation Army and the Bosnian Muslims ‘allies’ . . . Why? What motive does the US have for picking these bums as pals?" A review of authoritative sources on this subject makes the answer quite obvious. At the beginning of … Continue reading “From Camp Swampy to Camp Bondsteel!”

J. Reuben Clark (1871-1961)

CLARK’S TWO CAREERS The long life of Joshua Reuben Clark, Jr. embraced two quite different careers. Born in Grantsville, Utah in 1871, Clark received a law degree at Columbia University in 1906 and worked at the US state department from 1906 to 1913, leaving to form a private law practice. He served on the staff … Continue reading “J. Reuben Clark (1871-1961)”

America’s War In Colombia–Is it ‘For the Children’?

2’s column will not appear Wednesday or Friday this week: he is busy making the final corrections on his latest book, An Enemy of the State: The Life of Murray N. Rothbard, due out in July from Prometheus Books. His column will return Monday, April 10.Does anyone really believe that the $1.7 billion approved by … Continue reading “America’s War In Colombia–Is it ‘For the Children’?”

Who Will Save the Young?

"There is an easy way to assess foreign policy initiatives such as making defense commitments or sending American troops on foreign missions. First of all, determine the objective. Then ask yourself these two questions: Would I be willing to die to achieve this objective? Would I be content to see my children die to achieve … Continue reading “Who Will Save the Young?”

Masters of Deceit: Kosovo and the Media

The media told us that a reenactment of the Holocaust was going on in Kosovo, with the Serbs in the role of the Nazis and the Kosovar Albanians standing in for the Jews – and that was a lie. For it turned out that approximately 2,108 persons from both sides were killed in the pre-bombing … Continue reading “Masters of Deceit: Kosovo and the Media”