War in Iraq, War on the Rule of Law

The chorus of voices calling for the United States to attack Iraq grows louder. Recent weeks had seen growing controversy concerning the wisdom of such an attack, including controversy over the need for congressional approval for an invasion. The war hawk TV pundits have been busy working to quell the controversy by insisting the President … Continue reading “War in Iraq, War on the Rule of Law”

Bush Cutting Legal Corners: A Wartime Pattern

I can’t claim to know whether the Washington Post story was an intentional leak or represented enterprising reporting. But the news that lawyers for the Bush administration believe that a 1991 congressional resolution authorizing President Bush’s father to wage war in the Persian Gulf provides ongoing legal justification for the current administration to launch an … Continue reading “Bush Cutting Legal Corners: A Wartime Pattern”


Christopher Hitchens continues his devolution as the War Party’s favorite leftist, and by the time he’s done he may have invented a whole new school of thought: but, hey, come to think of it, he’s about 30 years too late: the neoconservatives beat him to it. It’s pathetic, really, to read his latest rationalizations for … Continue reading “CHRISTOPHER HITCHENS, NEOCON”

How Tony Blair Saved Britain

Despite having the money, the think tanks, and the media outlets, does it ever strike you what a pitiful ‘case’ the smack Iraq lot make for it? And add to that the small, but useful thing they have going for them – the fact that these somewhat tuneless praise-singers holler in support of American and … Continue reading “How Tony Blair Saved Britain”

Hiroshima Under the Shadow of 9/11

When Japan’s Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi rose to speak at Hiroshima’s Peace Memorial Park at 8:26 a.m. this past August 6, that is to say, precisely 11 minutes past the sounding of the Peace Bell which commemorates the world’s first dropping of the nuclear bomb, he could have barely imagined the negative impact his address … Continue reading “Hiroshima Under the Shadow of 9/11”


Justin Raimondo is on vacation. Today we present an appropriate classic from last year. July 25, 2001 THEY FOUGHT THE GOOD FIGHT The Legacy of the America First Committee For as long as the cold war lasted, the history of the conservative movement before about 1955 – the history of what I call the Old … Continue reading “THEY FOUGHT THE GOOD FIGHT”

What Taiwanese Fear

As one moves from Japan through Taiwan and Hong Kong to Mainland China, a visible transition from extremely orderly to extrememly chaotic takes place. In Japan, the streets all seem newly paved and swept, the houses quaint and sparkling and the streams running through the Tokyo suburbs contain edible fish. People quietly play with their … Continue reading “What Taiwanese Fear”

Summer in the Strip

F16 Warplanes zoom overhead daily. In Rafah they’ve been breaking the sound barrier. At night you can watch flares light up the sky so that the Israeli soldiers in their fortified bunkers all along the perimeter of the Gaza Strip and surrounding the illegal Jewish settlements on the interior can survey the area. The staccato … Continue reading “Summer in the Strip”


Justin Raimondo is on vacation. Today we present an appropriate classic from two years ago. As the small boat approached the USS Cole, the two men on board stood at attention, arrow-straight, as if to acknowledge the solemnity and gravity of that moment – and in the next moment they went up in a burst … Continue reading “THE MIDDLE EAST: WAR WITHOUT END”