Backtalk, March 24, 2006

A Collapsing Presidency

I judge people by their records. The only man who really predicted everything that has happened in the last four years BEFORE it happened was Paul Craig Roberts.

I am a Republican and a classical conservative. Paul Craig Roberts is my number one hero in life. I consider every article he writes to be a treasure, but this article is the best of them all.

He has been so prescient that he is scary. This article should be read by every citizen in America. If it was, maybe we could stop this total train-wreck coming our way before it happens.

~ Betsy

Paul Craig Roberts replies:

Readers, such as this one, have been very generous and kind with their support. The powerful support readers have provided me have prevented the neocons from shouting me down. I can speak out because it resonates with real Americans.

Because the Democrats, most of the Senate and Congress, as well as the American people supported President Bush in his unholy war bolstered by lies and delusions, the problem in the U.S. is insurmountable. Its hopeless.

The damage will go on as well it must, since there is no one to stop it. Yes, some people regret voting for President Bush because they finally notice he was and is always a novice, but that is not enough to save the conscience of this country or its abuse of others. Then they will “vote for a change,” and hope things get better, that there will be no punishment for the bloodshed, for the preemptive war, for the hardness of heart, for the lack of wisdom and knowledge.

I am glad you speak and write as you do, because you speak the truth and confirm the truth to those who do see it and suffer distress because of it.

But the delusion is widespread and “great darkness covers the peoples.”

I think it’s each man for himself at this point in time. Each man who believed the lie has to stand before God and ask himself: Why was I so easily deceived? Or lawmakers who saw the lie and did nothing should ask themselves: Why did I support the war for political advantage? And then they must repent for such bondage to evil within and liars without. “Multitudes multitudes in the valley of decision.” Each man must stands before his Maker alone. There will be hope once again when man are praying, O Lord deliver me from evil and make me not the scorn of foolish men. Even though the consequences of this country’s acts will still occur, there will be hope for all those that trust in Him who delivers our soul from death.

~ Irene Lander

Twice I have read in P.C. Roberts columns the fact that Halliburton is building a detention camp in the U.S. I have never heard of this before. Could somebody provide a link or something so that I can have another source? This is scary stuff. Thanks for all you do!

~ Blanca Anderson

Paul Craig Roberts replies:

All the reader has to do is to go to a search engine such as Google:

Homeland Security Contracts for Vast New Detention Camps

Bush’s Mysterious ‘New Programs’

Dear Mr. Roberts,

This was an excellent article, especially its characterizations of neocons. But there was one aspect of their character not mentioned (maybe, insinuated), viz., their Zionistic zealotry – or pro-Israeli-ism. In general, aren’t neocons Zionists, and of these aren’t the majority Jews? If so, doesn’t this explain the foreign policy of the Bush administration? Doesn’t it explain the horrifying war in Iraq and the contemplated attack on Iran? Can we not conclude that this foreign policy is terribly inimical to the national interest of the United States, as well as to the rest of the Mideast, and possibly the world? Why is everyone afraid to call a spade a spade? …

~ Jerry C. Meng

Paul Craig Roberts replies:

As the article posted March 20, 2006, on by Professor John Mearsheimer and Professor Stephen Walt (“The Israel Lobby“) makes clear, the Israel lobby is powerful and has significant influence on U.S. politics and foreign policy. There can be no doubt about the power of AIPAC. That said, we must differentiate between aggressive Zionists and Jews in general. There is a lot of opposition in Israel to the Likud Party’s aggressive stance toward the Palestinians and far more debate in the Israeli press than in the U.S. Moreover, I have seen recent polls of Jews in the U.S. that show a large majority opposed to the war in Iraq. I hear from many Jewish readers of my columns who are opposed to Bush and his war in Iraq. Zionists are a minority of Jews and do not speak for Jews in general. U.S. neocons are known for their connections to the Likud Party and the reader might be correct that the neocons are Zionist zealots. Whether neocons are Zionists or not, their Jacobin mentality makes them dangerous. I don’t think we can blame our problems on Israel. The American people elected Bush, or came close enough to doing so that the election could be stolen. Bush still has strong support from a majority of Republicans.

Definition of a Jacobin:

“A Jacobin is someone who would have his opinion govern the World, and overturn everything in it.”

William Hazlitt (1778 – 1830)

~ Nigel Baldwin, UK


This last Saturday afternoon I got into a yelling match with an antiwar demonstrator. Here I am a corporal in the Marine Corps Reserves trying to tell this guy that all of you need to stand on something a lot more solid than “we are at war because of oil,” etc. I told this guy straight up, as someone who took an oath to uphold the Constitution against foreign and DOMESTIC enemies, he should remember: CONGRESS NEVER DECLARED WAR. This should be your mantra! That power is only given to Congress. The fact that they unconstitutionally gave the president this power is their fault. WE should be knocking down their doors. I suggest that since we have a republican form of government and NOT a democracy, that ALL OF YOU who demonstrate do so in front of your local congressman’s office and raise hell with them. Parading around in the streets is not working. You need to take it straight to those who when they have felt the heat, will then vote to take away the “authorization” they gave to the president. They need to know that they may not get reelected again if they don’t do this. Come on America, Wake Up, and GOD bless this great nation of ours again!

~ Son of Liberty

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