Backtalk, June 20, 2005

Indictment Shows Washington Is ‘Israeli-Occupied Territory’

As an aging veteran and avid reader, I’d like to nominate Justin Raimondo for a Pulitzer Prize. About time someone from the Last Bastion of a Free Press – the Internet – won the award. And what better columnist than Justin, with the tenacity of a pit bull and the offended rage of H.L. Mencken.

Raimondo’s “Indictment Shows Washington Is ‘Israeli-Occupied Territory'” reminds me of what Zola, author of "J’accuse," might have written about the traitors deeply imbedded in Washington. He would have set his teeth in them and kept biting.

Keep on keeping on, is what we used to say in the military. Keep up the good fight, even if the odds are overwhelming, the enemy powerful, and the forces arrayed against you considerable.

~ Douglas Herman, USAF 1968-72, Pompano Beach, Florida

Snuff Reality

Hi Nebojsa,

Could you please give us more background of Natasa Kandic and what makes her so angry. Does she live in Serbia at the present time? Is she a Serbian? Does she have a following in the country and people she hates so much?

I admire your work and courage. Thanks.

~ RD, Los Angeles

Nebojsa Malic replies:

Natasa Kandic does live in Serbia. I do not know whether she is an ethnic Serb, though that ought to be immaterial when judging her arguments – or rather, lack thereof. She does have a following, mostly among the “intellectual” circles educated during the old regime to loathe everything Serbian, and among their globalist offspring, who harbor similar ideas. There are politicians and parties who also support her positions and ideas; they ruled Serbia from the October 2000 coup until being kicked out of office in late 2003, and during the martial law following the Djindjic assassination, had near-absolute power. I won’t name names here, because I’ve already done so in dozens of columns I’ve written on Serbian politics so far. I believe I have termed these folks “Jacobins,” taking a lead from Professor Claes D. Ryn’s brilliant analysis of American neocons.

These groups and politicians have enjoyed steady financial, political, and media support from Washington and Brussels, and believe themselves to be the avant-garde of the New Order, much in the tradition of their Communist ancestors. But for every one convert to their cause they alienate five other Serbians by their hypocrisy, arrogance, and hatred.

The Hidden Costs of War

Thank you so much for the article by Ron Paul. In the past I have been guilty of prejudging all Republicans as ignorant warmongers; however, Mr. Paul has made me reconsider my erroneous viewpoint. He makes many valid points and suggestions.

Mr. Paul: Would you please speak with G.W. Bush and give him some of your words of wisdom? He continues to dogmatically display and promote complete ignorance of the true Iraq situation, and to repeatedly shy away from giving the American people any REAL truths and solutions.

Dialogue between individuals like Mr. Paul and other knowledgeable people from both parties here in America would be a wonderful start to building consensus and willingness to put aside differences to cooperate for the good of all Americans.

~ Lorraine Johnson

Sen. Specter: End ‘Crazy Quilt’ Detention System

I read with horror the words of former Attorney General William Barr. Enemy combatants “have no rights and are not entitled to due process.” It illustrates exactly how far we have come from when our forefathers wrote that “ALL men are … endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights.” Now the government has usurped that divine role and awards and alienates rights at its whim.

~ David C. Hill

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