What is meant by the saying: War is the health of the state?

~ Ron Maczka

Eric Garris replies:

War is always used by politicians and bureaucrats to increase the size of the state. Every major increase in state power has come about as a result of war.

The Draft

I hear that congress has bills before it to reinstate the draft. Is this true? How come I have not heard of this in the major media?

~ David Zaitzeff

Eric Garris replies:

Here is a reprint of an article from a year and a half ago by Charles Rangel, co-author of the bill: “Bring Back the Draft.”

Several Democrats are backing the bill this year, and the neocons have applauded it.

Americans Slaughtering Civilians in Fallujah

Odd that with a ring around the city, not once did the writer run into a US checkpoint. A little balance in the reporting would be more credible.

~ John E.

Eric Garris replies:

There are no checkpoints inside of Fallujah at this point, only on the outskirts. This reporter was already in Fallujah before it was blockaded.

On the other hand, the mainstream media is running news releases from the Dept. of Defense, since they are not allowed into the city.

Articles such as this one give comfort to our enemy. I am a man of faith, and I believe in moral absolutes. There is good and evil and evil must be destroyed. American troops do as much as possible to protect innocent life, while evil terrorist kill innocent life. WHAT PART OF THIS IS SO HARD TO UNDERSTAND?

The four Americans killed in Fallujah were guarding a convoy carrying FOOD to the people of Fallujah. Did you hear that? They were providing a service to the thugs who killed them. If you had a brain or any sense at all, this would not be so hard to understand. Don’t get me wrong, I do not beat the war drums, but I am thankful that we have people willing to die for what this country stands for. We could all be speaking German if not for war.

~ Derek Pardue

Eric Garris replies:

The civilians killed in Fallujah had nothing to do with the horrific killing of the Americans.

It was criminal but does not warrant the killing of 700 people, most of whom had nothing to do with it.

Just because “something must be done” doesn’t mean that any action then becomes justifiable.

There is no morality in adopting the principles and tactics of the enemy we are fighting.

Graffiti Terrorists

There are many antiwar terrorists here in our U.S. communities who are destroying anyone and everyone’s properties just to get their antiwar perspectives out to the public by graffiti-ing all over all cars, houses, businesses, sidewalks, buses, mail boxes, etc. Don’t think that this isn’t turning many of us antiwar people against the antiwar movement – even if my neighbor was pro-war I and other antiwar supporters would still lessen our support to that antiwar terrorist movement. If they want to graffiti anything the hit the White House, the President’s limo, the stupid pro-war congress members, but NOT on WE THE PEOPLE!

~ Jeff H.

Eric Garris replies:

We have run many articles attacking vandalism and other lawbreaking by so-called antiwar activists. Most of them are spoiled brats and are not convincing anyone of their point of view, only turning people off.

If you have read our page, especially the letters section, you will find we have taken a strong stance on this issue.

A Case for Hizbollah?

I was reading your last article, and I went back over and over again trying to analyze and see what side are you on. Do you support the actions of Israel or what?

~ Ahmad Taha

Ran HaCohen replies:

Sorry I don’t always fit squarely into this side or the other. I know it’s embarrassing for people who want do divide the world neatly into friends and foes. All I can say is: read again, and try to understand what I am saying, not to put me in a pigeonhole.

State Department Website

I have come across this map on the official site of the Department of State; there is a little disclaimer added to it that it is “not authoritative” on the authoritative website of the government, yet the colors – virtually the same for Kosovo and Albania – give one a cause for pause to say the last. Any comment, Nebojsa?

~ Vladimir Suchan

Nebojsa Malic replies:

Well, the colors certainly look odd, especially given that Kosovo should not be a different color than Serbia if the US really cared both about its own official policy and UNSCR 1244, both officially recognizing Kosovo as part of Serbia. I find more interesting the list of links, which includes nearly every “non-governmental” agency that has endeavored to justify the 1999 bombing and occupation of Kosovo, including the ICG.”

Safe Sex in China

I am sorry that you are a pro-abortion advocate. Abortion is murder, but apparently you believe that sometimes murder is justified. Do you not realize that your rationalization of murder (i.e., absolute intrinsic evil) is consistent with the insane rationalization for the US war on Iraq? I pray that you would seriously think about this. The killing of the innocent in the womb are no more justified than the slaughter going on in Iraq at the bloodied hands of the US.

~ James Phillips

Sascha Matuszak replies:

I am neither pro- nor anti-abortion. The column you read dealt with young Chinese kids who have little or no sexual education. China is a different country than the US – China has the same amount of space as the US and 8 times the population.

Your convictions about murder and evil do not resonate here where pragmatism dictates that population must be controlled. I am not justifying it, I merely wrote about what I saw, which is my job.

I saw kids having abortions because they have no choice while politicians in the US label them murderers and inflict sanctions.

Perhaps there are other similarities between this situation and the Iraq mess besides murder.

Dark Suspicions About 9/11

Given the warnings Bush had that summer – of Al Qaeda, of the likelihood of hijackings, of the likelihood of US landmarks being attacked – how could Bush possibly, upon hearing the news that a plane hit the World Trade Center, think “That’s some lousy pilot”?


Jose L. Perez’s backtalk

Thanks for speaking for me and hundreds, OR THOUSANDS, of other US military veterans who believe strongly in what Antiwar.com stands for. Yes, you young lions, veterans of Iraq who disagree – like Jose L. Perez – have something to say and are permitted to say it – but the forcefulness of your argument does little to bolster your indefensible position. Every footsoldier is simply used in the quest for Empire and you and I and a million others like us, Jose, are no different. Mike Ewens is to be commended for his remarks. Now come home safe to your friends and family.

~ Douglas Herman, USAF veteran

Antiwar Actions

With all the recent press the Iraq war has received in the past few days, I am among a growing population in the US who is now ready to say “enough is enough.”

Unfortunately, when I started searching for web resources, I came across your website towards the beginning and I have to tell you that I’m a bit disappointed.

For Americans, one of the most effective methods of making policy changes is to voice our concern to our leaders. You as an organization should know this, and should offer links to each US Senator’s /Rep’s e-mail address at the most prominent section of your website.

Rather than doing that, all I see are stories upon stories, news articles, and editorials. It really degrades the credibility of your cause when you offer no outlets for your readers to take action.

Your message should be “look at the horrors of war, now do something about it .”

~ Brian Trudeau

Sam Koritz replies:

An Antiwar Actions link can be found on the homepage’s left side toolbar.

Collateral Damage in Bush’s Wars

I have no idea why the spoken word is preferred over the written word for this message. Those of us who have not found it necessary to equip our computers with “media” players cannot experience this Barganier message. In most cases the written word has had power over the spoken for those who can read. I contend that most PBS documentaries could be reduced to five minutes of assimilation of the written word.

Anyway, my point is that I wish you would also post the transcript.

~ Eric Westhagen, Brandon, WI

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