Further Military Assistance to Israel May Be Illegal Under US Law

Though the fatalities in the latest flare up between Israel and Hamas – about 285 Palestinians and two Israeli killed so far – dwarf those in other conflicts, the American public needs to pay particular attention to what’s happening there. The US is not merely an onlooker here: we are directly involved in militarily supporting … Continue reading “Further Military Assistance to Israel May Be Illegal Under US Law”

What Is the Quality of Scientific Evidence Against Iran?

This week the P5+1 and Iranian officials meet again to try to narrow differences over a comprehensive nuclear deal, which is to last for an as-yet unknown duration. Reaching an agreement will be a challenging task because Iran and P5+1 seem to disagree – among other things – about the enrichment capacity Iran should be … Continue reading “What Is the Quality of Scientific Evidence Against Iran?”

Iran Sanctions: Built to Fail

Conditions for lifting sanctions go way beyond anything having to do with Iran’s alleged nuclear weapons program, making it impossible for Iran to extricate itself – this could be intentional, making the military "option" a necessity. More than 90 US senators recently sent a letter to President Obama urging him to slap further sanctions on Iran  – unfortunately, … Continue reading “Iran Sanctions: Built to Fail”